Nickelodeon put on a panel to discuss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon (current run).  Check out some of the highlights.

  • Nickelodeon aired episode 3 for all attendees introducing a Frog Mutant in the last moments of the episode.  you can check it out on air 10/17.
  • Irma will not be returning.
  • Time Master in training will appear in the show and end up as Michelangelo’s love interest.
  • We will see more female characters.
  • Hun will return and be the new leader of the Red Dragons.
  • There may be a Speed Demon Donatello toy in the works.
  • Rocksteady and Bebop will appear in the show.
  • Renee Jacobs, the voice of the original April O’Neil will have a cameo in Episode 3 as the voice of April’s Mother.

Check out the next episode of TMNT on 10/17!

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