Monogram International is bringing a very limited stock of items that you may hvae missed from previous conventions, and they are some fantastic pieces!


DC Resin 4 Pack Paperweights, Thanos Resin Bank, Hulk PVC 3 Piece Bank Set, Thor Hammer Paperweight, Joker and Harley Quinn 2 Piece Bank Set,
Kingdom Hearts 4 Piece Set Figurines


If you didn’t get a chance to pick these up, we have some of our great exclusives left from our previous shows. There are only a limited amount left. Each item is well made and makes a great conversation piece. Be sure to get one while they last.

– Make nice souvenirs for DC, Marvel and Disney fans.

– Will look great in your display case.

– Decorate your desk at work.

– $100.00 DC Resin 4 Piece Paperweight Set (Available Quantity 6)

– $25.00 Thanos Resin Bank (Available Quantity 12)

– $50.00 Hulk PVC 3 Piece Bank Set (Available Quantity 6)

-$40.00 Thor Hammer Paperweight (Available Quantity 10)

– $ 50.00 Joker and Harley Quinn Bank Set (Available Quantity 12)

– 90.00 Kingdom Hearts 4 Piece Set Figurines (Available Quantity 4)

– Booth #769

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