I would like to extend a very heartfelt thanks to Hasbro for having MUReview out to their swanky shin-dig tonight in NYC.  Twas the Night Before Party for NYCC 2014 as hosted by Hasbro.

This has quickly become one of my favorite parts about NYCC, heck, about the neat things I get to do because of this website.

The good folks at Hasbro put their wares on display and did not disappoint.

What was shown:

Angry Birds Transformers




My Little Pony

Star Wars Black (Including …THE EMPEROR!!)



Avengers Six Inch Figures (Hulk, Cap, Valkyrie)

Fantastic past apps and deserts!

For this site, let me talk about what’s important.  In the Marvel Infinite 3.75 scale, we got to see painted versions of Thunderstrike, Doc Ock and Armored Daredevil as well as Shanna.  All full of win!  Juggernaut Colossus was on display, as was Sandman, Valkyrie, Grey Beast and Vulture and I am appreciative to have seen all of them!

The highlight, and the consumer of the night, was the teeming line of folks waiting to be Super Awesome’d (Turned into a 12 inch action figure of Iron Man or Captain America). I waited, and waited, and hopefully soon I will be able to share the results. The process was quick and painless and remarkably, used an Xbox 360 Kinect! I can’t wait to share it with you all!


Again, thank you Hasbro, I can’t wait for the holiday season and 2015…TAKE MY MONEY!! (and now…the pictures!)


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