New York Comic Con 2014 has hit the ground running with all the booths, bells and whistles up and running at full steam.  We just put up our report about the show floor, but I would be remiss not to give our friends at Diamond Select their own space to talk about all of the great stuff they have coming.  I was lucky enough to meet with Zach Oat from DST at 1PM today and he was bustling away trying to make sure everything in the booth was perfect, and to his great credit, and his team’s everything looked great.  Build a Minimate station, tons of exceptional new product, plenty to buy, and even a giveaway of some exclusive con Ghost Buster Minimates!

What did we really see though?  Nothing short of incredible!  This is what we have to look forward to in the next few months.

Marvel Select – We got a great look at Carnage with accessories, and Cable, also, for the first time with all of his right pieces in all the right places.

Marvel Minimates – We are getting a bunch of X-Men and an exceptional Infinity box set featuring Thanos and Captain America.  Draft packaging was on display with prototype figures that looked really damned final to me.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Minimates – This set is not going to disappoint. Featuring all of the Turtles, their friends and their enemies, these are absolute must have.

Minimates Minimates Minimates! – Mass Effect Minimates, Buck Rogers Minimates, X-O Manowar Minimates, Walking Dead, Dragon Age, Grimm’s Fairytales, Aliens….all amazing!

Retro Marvel Figures! – Captain America, Spider-Man, our first look at Wolverine!!  We also got a glimpse at a gorgeous looking Thor (not pictured – pending license approval).

Wharf from Star Trek with so many accessories that I couldn’t count em, a near final burnt up Marshmallow Man, Jay and Silent Bob out the Wazooo. Diamont Select Toys has so much incredible stuff going on and you should all be a part of it!

It’s time that I stop talking…almost, really, thank you again for the walk through Mr. Oat!  Let’s look at the pictures!  Oh! One more thing!  Keep eyes here for updates to the DST booth, there is more to look forward to!

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