New York Comic Con 2014 is now in full swing.  Preview day is now in the books, and I’ll say this much.  Preview day was about as jam packed as any other day of the convention with the only caveat being, just fewer panels going on today, shorter hours, and that’s about it.

That said, I was able to take in the sights and sounds and I’m happy to share with you below in a few small chunks.

The morning started with a brisk walk from Penn Station to the Jacob K. Javitz Center.  I ended up arriving at about 11:45, and with my special access badge (paid for, not granted as press), I walked right in past all sorts of lines and sour looking people that were clearly waiting for a very long time.  I ran right up to the Marvel booth and hopped on line to grab up some excellent exclusives listed only last night (and shared heavily with SDCC).

By about 12:15 I had…A Nova Corps T-Shirt, a We are Groot t-shirt, a glow in the dark Groot shirt for the Mrs.  2 Rocket Raccoon plush dolls for 2 kids (not for eBay), 2 Groot coffee mugs (maybe one for eBay), a messenger bag, a copy of Guardians 3000 (variant) and 2 t-shirts for a good friend on the left coast.

Now, my chief purchase purpose was to also grab a few of the Funko exclusives (a Grover and a flocked Olaf…and maybe a Roger Rabbit 2-pack).  I shot over to Toy Asia (101) to find that the line was full around the damned building within 15 minutes of opening. It was my iPhone 6 Plus nightmare all over again!  I jumped over to 416 to try to grab the Loki Glow In the dark Funko and well..same story. Crazy line.  So let’s start the day.

I went toy hunting and booth hunting.  I saw great feats of artistry from the upcoming Hobbit film, an amazing Apocalypse statue, some incredible stuff from Square Enix (They do Marvel stuff now!! Iron Man and Spider-Man).

I stopped over at the Diamond Select Toys booth to say hey to my good buddy Zach Oat, but that’s a different story for another post.

One of the biggest surprises for me this first day was a brand new iOS / Android game coming out from Marvel that features heroes and villains battling and leveling up in a near Infinity Blade like combat.  Marvel Contest of Heroes near, not quite the same, but you hit, you block, Thor is in it, it looks really cool.  I also confirmed that both Richard Rider and Sam Alexander Nova’s would be in the game and playable!  It’s free to play, and of course you can upgrade more quickly through in app purchases, but I’ll be playing this by the end of the year and you should be to!

Also worth noting at Marvel, a dome model setup showcasing Marvel’s upcoming Hyper Reality showcase, The Marvel Experience.  Check the images!

I want to mention our trip down to Artist Alley.  If you are in town, going to NYCC, don’t miss Artist Alley.  It’s one of the best parts of the convention I assure you, and one of the most pure.  It’s really a lot more of what NYCC should be about versus what NYCC has become.  My brother and I met an outstanding artist setup featuring Ali Kudoze Solomon.  Superheroes painted kinda like kids doing kid type stuff.  As a dad, this is win!  Check him out online at

Honorable mention with not a lot of effort…DC came to the table and showed off some Batman uniforms.  This was …I mean, thanks for coming DC.  Thanks.

And now…the glowing rest of the images…check em out. It was a hell of a day, my legs are destroyed already. I have no clue what the rest of the show will bring. I have 2 days full of panels to look forward to and my little guys are going with me on Sunday.  So far it’s shaping up to be a great time!

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