Yesterday, Marvel put on their annual Cup O’ Joe Panel featuring Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics Big Boss).  Check out some of what we learned.


  • Nova Prime, Richard Rider will have his cliff hanger / story arc defined and answered by the time Guardians of the Galaxy 20 ends.  This…terrifies me.

Star Wars

  • Star Wars Comics will abound in 2015 featuring all sorts of new characters, even Jedi’s that survived order 66.


  • Avengers titles have jumped ahead 8 months and will be counting down to a final incursion (Avengers / New Avengers).  The final incursion will spawn off SECRET WARS!!
  • Per Joe Quesada, this is “The biggest thing Marvel has ever done”.
  • This will touch more than just publishing.  It is company wide.


  • Axis will span 9 issues over 3 months.


  • Agents of SHIELD will be getting it’s own supporting comic book 12/24.  It will put Agents of SHIELD into the larger Marvel Universe while featuring show favorites, Coulson, Sky, Agent May.
  • A variant Deadpool cover of issue 1 was shown.

Operation Sin

  • This will hit in 1/2015 and feature Peggy Carter and Howard Stark.

Miracle Man 

  • Annual 1 is coming soon.

Maximum Ride

  • This is a book about 90% human kids with wings out to save the world based on James Patterson work coming in 2015.

Q and A highlights

  • Cyclops’ solo story will be continuing.
  • There are Marvel Cosmic plans for Darkhawk in the works.
  • Kane (Scarlet Spider) isn’t dead (yet) and he will have some time in Spider-Verse.
  • So will an alternate universe Gwen Stacey (issue 9 of Amazing Spider-Man).
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