MUReview was lucky enough to once again grace the fine halls of the Jacob Javits center today to bring you more New York Comic Con goodies.  I know some of this, or even all, is already out there, but it would be bad form for me to not give you this information in my own special package, where maybe you like to read things best…that said! The X-Men Panel.

Here is what we learned (apologies we walked in a little late):

  • The upcoming run of Savage Wolverine are going to be quick hit, 1 writer per issue …issues.  This could lead to interesting one and done story lines.
  • Killable Wolverine is wrapping up, we are going to find out who is trying to kill him…hint…it’s Sabertooth.  There will be a final confrontation, will he get his healing factor back?  It should be noted this healing factor absence is also felt across all other Wolvie books.
  • X-Men Legacy has become an important book in the XMU and is building to a big moment…what moment?
  • The Posehn run of Deadpool  is coming to a close.  The next arc is going to find him in North Korea with Cap and Wolverine to help him get out of trouble.  With Deadpool, they are playing ‘the long game’.  His life will be changing.
  • Speaking of Deadpool, we should see more news this weekend.
  • Also, be on the lookout for Deadpool Annual number 1 where Deadpool faces off against Madcap, where the question of what happened to Deadpools caption boxes (yellow? or white?)?
  • Uncanny X-Force and Cable and X-Force are going to see some much needed cross over action, Cable versus Bishop are going to explode in a story arc titled Vendetta.  Look for this as a 4 part weekly starting in January.
  • Longshot Saves The World will be a thing that’s happening in November of 2013.
  • Astonishing X-Men is wrapping up shortly with issue 68, enjoy it!



Check out below for what we learned from the X-Men panel regarding the 1 word teasers released in the weeks leading up to NYCC.  Some really interesting stuff, starting with…

  • Wrath – I have to be honest, I’m heartbroken.  This is the next iteration of Savage Wolverine and not Nova’s triumphant return.  Look for him to do business over a 4 issue span taking place in the 30’s / prohibition era.
  • Trials and Judgement – Jean Grey, she’s going on trial as placed by the Shi’ ar empire.  The Guardians of the Galaxy don’t like when people mess with earthlings, a crossover ensues.  This will launch with All New X-Men 22 and Guardians of the Galaxy 11 in November.  Look for brand new X-Men costumes here!  People from X-Days past will be causing trouble.
  • Corporate – What happens when a company buys a super-hero team?  X-Factor is reborn and staffed by Polaris, Quicksilver, Gambit and unannounced heroes.
  • Sinners Ghost Rider joins the Thunderbolts.  They have a problem he’d be just the right man for.
  • She Hulk number 1 is coming and it will be very attorney…eee

We will continue to post Marvel information from NYCC as it unfolds.  To note however, it looks like Psylocke has a new love interest…and it’s Cyclops, so there is that!

Check out the gallery below for some great covers and info!

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