One of the panels that we here at MUReview were most excited for was this years Inhumanity panel.  Chocked full of information about what’s next after Infinity for the Marvel Universe…it’s a lot to swallow…and it looks like Galactus won’t have a problem….

Inhumanity #1

  • The book / series is an aftermath event as well as it’s own story.
  • This will chronicle the fallout of infinity.
  • There will be lots of Inhumans.
  • They will be powerful.
  • They aren’t going anywhere.
  • Some Inhumans may not like their new powers.
  • Will they accept Black Bolt’s rule?


  • This is the event that kills the Ultimate Universe, ends with issue 5.
  • Mark Paniccia walked out when this came up…he’s very sad.

All New Invaders #1

  • This book will bring the Invaders into the present.
  • In the past, Bucky and Namor hid a device that the Kree invented to control the Asgardians.
  • They want it back…
  • and now it’s the future.
  • The book features the Invaders, Bucky, Namor, Cap and the Human Torch.

Defend = Iron Patriot #1

  • Rhodey has had enough dealings in the shadows and decides to don the Red White and Blue armor just like the big boys in the movies.

Overdrive = Ghost Rider #1

  • Seriously, just check out the cover art in the gallery, this is going to be a sick run.

Rad = Radd = Norin Radd = Silver Surfer #1

  • As written by Dan Slott…I wonder how long before the Surfer is inhabited by Terrax and goes around doing bad stuff?
  • Seriously though…a little worried here.  We are going to get to watch the Surfer travel the galaxy with a female friend.
  • and do “Crazy” stuff.
  • Girlfriend = Earth Girl.

Q and A quick hits

  • Avengers World Wants us to get to know the new guys.
  • The Runaways aren’t coming back.
  • Toro is going to do some cool stuff.
  • Dan Slott says Peter Parker is dead.
  • Dan Slott is still seeding the Reckoning Wave.
  • We should be able to determine who is an Inhuman vs. who is a Mutant..because Inhumans “Cocoon up”.

The Gallery

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