Every year, the Cup O’ Joe panel is the one to go to at New York Comic Con.  This year wasn’t any different really, but the reason for that isn’t what you might expect….

I’d love to make you read on, but I’m spoiling the post with my favorite part.  All con, year over year actually, I go to Marvel Panels with a question in my head.  I never ask it, and so far, every year, someone else has.  This year, I didn’t think it was going to work out.

I can’t get to any panels tomorrow, I am bringing family in, so expect updates to be light, but I say that because, I won’t be able to ask any questions, or listen to any questions.  The last question that I will have heard the answer to was at Cup O’ Joe.  Joe Quesada had called “wrap up time” and brought up the last person to question.  The question came out like a ray of sunshine.  I’ll paraphrase.  “We have Thanos back, we have Starlord back.  Where is Nova (Richard Rider)?”.  That was it, the last question of my NYCC 2013, and it was the golden one.  The answer this time….wasn’t “He’s dead!”.  It was, that the Guardians of the Galaxy books are now touching on that and beginning to explain, which will continue, as well, the upcoming Nova (Sam Alexander) arc begins to address this as well.  So, if I went to the whole convention to hear one thing, that could have been it and I’d of left happy, but there was more.

Infinite Comics Deadpool – The Gauntlet

  • Infinite Comics continues it’s run with Deadpool, the Gauntlet.
  • Written by Gerry Duggan, he will introduce a very important person in Deadpool’s life.
  • When Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, he sees your browser history….

Disney Kingdoms – Seekers of the Weird

  • This is the first true merging of Disney and Marvel on the comic pages.
  • The series will explore of all things, an expansion of a Disney ride (Haunted mansion) that never came to fruition.

Marvel Universe Live

  • Joe brought Juliet Feld to the stage.  Juliet has done some impressive work with the likes of Ringling Brothers and a ton of other ‘live stunt / show acts’.
  • Juliet gave us a look at what she has been working on, Marvel Universe Live.
  • A live show featuring 25+ Marvel heroes and villains.
  • The show is set to go live in the Summer of 2014.
  • The show will feature an original story line and bring viewers up close and personal with the action.
  • We were shown an exclusive trailer…it was the logo.
  • Joe Quesada described that, for all the things he thought they couldn’t’ do in a live show…they are doing.

Fantastic Four

  • Tom Breevort is ending his run as FF / Fantastic Four editor.
  • As such, both books are ending with issue 16.
  • Tom was presented with some nice covers of the book.
  • In Q and A, Tom went on to say that the Fantastic Four is over, forever.
  • …then he said he was probably lying.

Empire of the Dead

  • To the stage came George Romero…I don’t have time to explain who he is, but trust me, he’s a pretty big deal.
  • George is eager to bring to comics, something that he would never have the budget or time to bring to the silver screen.
  • What is he bringing?  Zombies…and Vampires (and people) in New York city!!!
  • The story will focus on the human element and survival.

Miracle Man

  • Introduced in a video narrated / discussed by Neil Gaiman (not present), we were re-introduced to the long gone series.
  • Marvel will be re-publishing and finishing the series (Miracle Man 25).
  • Look for the reprint of the original and Niel’s run to start in January of 2014.


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