The Avengers Panel (Comics, not movies) at NYCC 2013 dropped some interesting info, I’m just going to jump right in.

  • This panel takes a look at what’s going on in the universe post Infinity.
  • New Avengers is the most important book in the Marvel Universe…period.
  • The Mighty Avengers by the looks of the covers displayed seem to find the Superior Spider-Man in quite a bit of trouble.
  • Avengers Arena, the cover for issue 18 appears to show that no one made it…so that’s probably leading somewhere later in this post.
  • Secret Avengers 12, 13 and 14 look to wrap up it’s current run, read more lower.
  • Captain America has some trouble in the form of Nuke (Super Soldier) coming after Cap at his lowest.
  • Thor will continue to tangle with Malekeith in the next few issues, can he be stopped?

The New Marvel Now

Continuing on with the Marvel reveals of the one word teasers, the Avengers Panel did not disappoint.

  • Avengers 24 = .NOW = Avengers 1.  This book should give us a 30 page deluxe issue by Christmas.
  • Mindbubble Dr. Mindbubble if you are nasty….will be taking on Captain America in Cap 16, also read as Cap .Now or Captain America #1.
  • Extinction  gives us a new look at Avengers AI in issue 8 which is yet again a renumber to 1.  The robots are taking over!
  • Frenemies check out the all new Secret Avengers in a new number 1 featuring the addition of Spider Woman.  Picture Michael Bay in comic book form was the Marvel paraphrase.
  • Global everyone thought this was about Hulk, nope….Avengers World number 1 will deal with the Infinity aftermath and how things shake out when the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes return home.
  • Descent will give us another new book Avengers Undercover.  This book takes off post Avengers Arena, with a few survivors / not deads returning to go undercover in the Masters of Evil.  They will find themselves becoming sympathetic to Zemo’s cause.
  • Trust = Loki number 1.  Expect shenanigans.
  • Atonement will give us a new run at Black Widow with the tag line Agent, Avenger, Assassin.


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