Hey there MUReview Fans! I’m a guest writer and I attended the Diamond Select Toys panel at New York Comic Con. Overall, I want to say that Rick from Diamond did a great job with the the set up and the information for giving us, the fans, what we wanted to know. He had a raffle and was really organized. The only downside I had with the panel was that we couldn’t take pictures of what was being presented; but respectively so since a lot of the information was was still concept control art.

What we learned:

A lot of Batman products revolving around the old Adam West series are in production.

  • Metal bottle openers;
  • First one up is the Batman Logo.
  • Vinyl busts banks of Batman, Robin, and the Joker

Domo is a big deal now.

  • Vinyl banks.
  • Domo pizza cutter. The first from DST!
  • Silicon Domo trays.

Ghostbusters is going large!

  • 24” vinyl Mr. Stay Puft bank.
  • 7” light up firehouse replica should finally be coming out.
  • New Minimates are scheduled.
  • I had to ask; “With the 30th anniversary, will we see more?” That was a possibility!
  • Alas, no Ghostbusters Select!
  • More Minimates are in the works.

Knightrider is coming out with some more vehicles.

  • One of them is the going to be a whole new Super Pursuit KITT.

Lenore is getting more 4” PVC figures.

Lost in Space is getting some large electronic figures and Minimates.

Marvel is really going to be getting a lot more Avengers related products.

  • Black Widow from Marvel Select is going to be available in comic book stores.
  • No longer just a Disney Store Exclusive.

Thor movie Selects are coming soon!

  • Thor is the first.
  • Jane Foster is the second release. Connecting bases!

New Silver Surfer Select! He comes with base, board, and Infinity Gauntlet.

More bottle openers are coming!

  • Venom!
  • Deadpool!

Some silicone ice cube trays are coming.

  • Spider-Man’s mask!
  • Iron Man’s helmet!
  • Thor’s Mjolnir!
  • Captain America’s shield!

Munsters are coming!

  • The next wave of select is going to be Hot Rod themed versions of the characters.
  • They come with pieces to make a BAF staircase.
  • A Glow-In-The-Dark Munsters mobile is coming!

After that was over, there was a raffle for some Marvel Select figures and a KITT prototype. I won a Stargate poster too. Hope that quenches your Diamond Select thirst for now! Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing Rocket Raccoon, Marvel’s Deadpool tumbler, and the whole Comic Con!

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