MUReview had a fun an interesting day two at NYCC 2013.  I will admit, there isn’t a lot to share here however, we didn’t spend a lot of time on the floor.  We were in panels, or waiting for panels…but we did run into some interesting things.

  • Rocket Raccoon and Starlord Cosplay?!! Yes please!
  • Murray (the Muppet from Sesame Street) made an appearance at an inbetween panel about writing comics for all audiences.  No one remembered anything about that panel after that point, but I got a picture with Murray! And an autograph for the kids!
  • Multiple Cosplay girls playing dead on the floor…sigh.
  • Oh! And I got an autograph from Andy Lanning!! What an incredible guy!  Thanks so much Mr. Lanning! My first comic book autograph ever!

The pictures!

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