Just a quick floor report and a roll in of an experience.

NYCC day 1 (Friday) was a good time, I got to walk the floor, grab some Marvel Shirts, because apparently the big T-Shirt size debacle of 2013 had ended at the Marvel Booth and find a great Wolfman for my oldest son.

Some things of note, it appears that vendors are just not selling exclusives at doors, offering early comers a standard 20-30 minute wait to ‘make things fair’? Good for whoever isn’t on the line, punishment for whoever is.

I was able to check out the Marvel TV panel (animated).  We were restricted from photos, there wasn’t much talking, but we found out some stuff:

  • Ultimate Spider-Man is picked up for season 3 making it the longest running animated Marvel show.
  • Agents of SHIELD has been picked up for the full season.
  • Hulk Agents of SMASH is a really really bad show.  Like…punishment bad, because that’s how watching an unaired episode felt.  Sorry Marvel, they can’t all be winners.

Day 2 will find MUReview.net all over the panel place, so check back tomorrow for info and look out below for a few quick random floor pics.

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