Marvel Super Heroes MMO.

After the Marvel Video Games panel I didn’t think there was much else to see but we came away from the Marvel Super Heroes MMO panel with some images and some additional information, read on brothers and sisters…

Moderating – Stephen Reid, featuring Josh Book, David Brevik (created Diablo 2), Matt Group, TQ Jefferson


  • The game is FREE to play.
  • You can buy characters and costumes…but…
  • You can also just earn them through gameplay.
  • We will have randomized levels.
  • Tons of alternate costumes.
  • I asked about Nova Prime and was told that they are going to try.
  • A ton of new costumes for Hulk, Mr. Fixit, Maestro, Grey Hulk.
  • New costumes for Wolverine.
  • Oh, and Jean Grey is a character.
  • We get a Mohawk Storm costume.
  • There is technically a character class for each announced character (they are that unique).
  • The game is written by Brian Michael Bendis.
  • Marvel Now! Costumes will be included!
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