The first panel MUReview sat for this year was the Marvel Now! X-Men panel.  Some good stuff came out of it…read on.

The Panel:  Nick Lowe, Rick Remender, Jason Aaron, Si Spurrier, Dennis Hopeless, Marjorie Liu, Peter David, Jerry Dugan and moderated by Arune Singh.

Arune wanted to let us all know:

“X-Men Fans are the best fans in the world.”

The New X-Men – written by David Marquez

  • The book will feature characters from the past…literally, it’s the originals from back in the day transported to the future.
  • They don’t like it, it kind of looks like Days of Future past to them.

Wolverine and the X-Men – by Jason Aaron

  • There will be new Mutants.
  • We will see a cast shakeup.
  • Wolverine Fights Frankenstein.

Uncanny Avengers

  • Captain America is taking up Charles Xavier’s cause.
  • The first arc villain is Red Skull.
  • Red Skull has Professor X’s brain!
  • What’s he going to do with all of that power?
  • This will not be a quick solve for the Avengers.
  • Things will mix up with Apocalypse and Kang as well.

Cable and X-Force – 12/12.

  • Forge, Domino, Colossus, Cable, Dr. Nemesis.
  • They are bringing back the 90’s X-Force feel.
  • Cable wants to retire, he is cured of his virus and he has just one thing left to do.
  • That one thing doesn’t work out so well.
  • X-Force will be on the run from the Avengers.

Uncanny X-Force

  • This is coming to a  close with issue 35 12 / 12.
  • Issues 34 and 35 will have lots of surprises.

New Uncanny X-Force

  • Mohawk Storm, Puck, Spiral, Psylocke, Lady Fantomex, all with new uniforms.
  • The story will center on Psylocke.

X-Men Legacy – 11/12

  • The series will deal with Xavier’s son (Legion).
  • What does he do in a world without his father?
  • Does he pick up the cause? Or does he go the other way?
  • It gets weird.

Savage Wolverine.

  • Wolverine in the savage land fighting dinosaurs with Sheena.
  • Lots of guest stars.
  • This book will have an overall impact on the Marvel Universe.

Deadpool – 11/12

  • American History meets Zombies coming.
  • A necromancer resurrects ex presidents as zomibies.
  • Deadpool is the scumbag you need to go after them.


Big Changes in issue 245.

  • The issue is tease worthy and there is a ‘wait what?’ moment.
  • There will be a Pip issue.
  • 250 is a big landmark issue – Peter David’s 100th issue.
  • Hell on Earth War is coming, all of the hell lords are waiting for the 7 billionth human to be born, this will be a 6 issue arc.

Astonishing X-Men

  • This will be a Warbird centered story.
  • Warbird is an art teacher…?

Xtreme X-men –

  • We will see the X-Men in a different dimension led by Dazzler.
  • We will see Kid Curt, Governor General Jones Howlett and a guest appearance by Hercules.
  • It’s an alternate reality X-Force.
  • We will see the Brood!

Q and A –

  • Domino will have her date with Deadpool
  • Cable will get back at Wolverine for messing with his dad.
  • Deadpool / Cable? Stay tuned!
  • Bishop will be the villain in Uncanny X-Force new and he’s still a jerk.
  • Hope will land in Cable and X-Force.
  • Hope is NOT Jean Grey.
  • X-23 will be in Avengers Arena where Arcade collects young heroes and pits them against one another.
  • There are plans for Jubilee.



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