was lucky enough, privileged enough to be invited to this years Hasbro pre-NYCC 2012 press event.  This year being a little bit more exclusive than last, as Hasbro will have no show floor presence…so for new stuff, this is it.  We get it here or we don’t get it. would like to send a special thank you to Justin and Joe and Hunter PR for seeing us as worthy to be included in these outstanding festivities.  Let’s have a look at how the night at Studio 450 in Mid-Town Manhattan went.

What a friendly bunch of folks is Hasbro from the entry attendants to the welcoming PR folk at each kiosk.  Each guest walked in to a clean white room with a ton of product everywhere.  The focus clearly on the new Angry Birds Star Wars toy line.  We had podium after podium of ABSW product on the right and others filtered around the room.  We also got a clear presentation of the new KRE-O GI Joe line, and a display of the USS Enterprise (KRE-O) Star Trek ship to coincide with the release of the new movie.

In the center of the festivities was a bar adorned with already released Avengers toys from the retail helicarrier to the 12 inch Hulk.    Hasbro setup a friendly “Christmas time” looking living room with a bunch of Hasbro goodness by the fireplace hearth.  At the back of the room we saw an ABSW  target with rotating birds blocking empty holes.  Plenty of Koosh ABSW sling shots were on hand for attendees to have a turn.  Next to that a ‘Jenga’ station and a free form ABSW setup.

We are a Marvel site chiefly, but Angry Birds Star Wars marries two of our favorite properties very well and Hasbro is going to have a hit with this stuff, kudos to them for giving it what seems to be the right push.

Speaking of being a Marvel site, what did we see?  First thing when we walked in, an Iron Man 3 ‘Extremis’ armor figure.  12 inches with automated articulation.  His head moves up and lights come on when you put him in flying pose.  We also gawked a set of Iron Man 3 Mini-Muggs.  What else? Oh, Legends Hawkeye, White Phoenix (Hope?), and Black Panther.    All three figures looked outstanding, please check the gallery …in the Legends post!!

Drinks and passed appetizers were served and delicious on all accounts.  Maybe a little swanky for the blue-collar MUReview folk that I am, but they did have Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls and little tiny baby hamburgers…WIN.

What you will see below in the gallery is a mix of DSLR shot and iPhone 5 camera shot photos.  The space was not sprawling by any means, product was clearly displayed and staff were happy to engage each person with a  description.  In this post you will see what I have shot, trying to do the atmosphere justice.  In another / other posts you will see official press shots and information for each product displayed.

MUReview had a great time tonight and again thanks Hasbro and HunterPR for having us.  We ask that we not be forgotten next year or at Toy Fair because we are hear to be a positive megaphone for Hasbro.  They and the Marvel Universe Toy Line are the reason we exist as a site so spreading some Hasbro love is always high on our agenda.

What we really need to mention is the gift bag.  What was in the gift bag?  Apart from the single and double Wild Turkey that the bar man handed to me (wait…that wasn’t in the bag…I’m in the bag, never mind).  The gift bag contained:

  • Old Man Logan Marvel Digital Comics NYCC exclusive.
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game for Xbox 360
  • An “Early” Angry Birds Star Wars package
  • A My Little Pony figure
  • A KRE-O Transformers single pack
  • GI Joe Ghost Hawk 2 vehicle with Duke action figure
  • Transformers Single Card Figure Blast Off
  • Transformers Screen Wipe
  • G I Joe KRE-O poster
  • Angry Birds 2 figure blind pack
  • A poster
  • And all of the FTP info to bring you more great information and product shots direct from Hasbro itself.

Hasbro, you have outdone yourselves and exceeded my wildest expectations for the evening…almost.  I can’t write this article without proclaiming my utter disappointment.  There was not a single Marvel Universe figure in attendance.  To the dismay of other attendees, apart from Angry Birds we didn’t see anything new from the Star Wars Hasbro camp.

I wish I had some MU stuff to report…I guess I kinda do. While I was there the kind folks at Action Figure Insider let me know that the Cap / Falcon and Silver Surfer / Doc Strange 2 packs were up at  They were, SS and Strange are now sold out, Cap and Falcon are there, and I got mine.

In the coming days you will see reviews of the aforementioned 2-packs and the NYCC Exclusive Old Man Logan. I can’t wait to crack the packaging on those bad boys and I’m sure you can’t wait to see them!  Unfortunately, for any new Marvel Universe news we will have to continue to track Internet rumors and just wait till 1. They come out, or 2. Toy Fair.

Did I mention my eternal gratitude to Joe and Justin at Hunter PR and Hasbro?  It exists and they have it. I had a great time tonight and I’d also like to send you guys over to check out my new friend Mitch’s work over at, the,, and  That guy is good people, please go check out his stuff.

Don’t forget to check out all things Hasbro at and at your favorite local toy store.  There is a lot to look forward to! New Transformers Prime, Angry Birds Star Wars, G I Joe KRE-O, Star Trek KRE-O, new Marvel Legends and so much more!

Please keep eyes on for all the Marvel Comic Con stuff you want to hear about, and keep checking back for new Hasbro product info as we grab it from their servers to bring to you with professional photo-realistic clarity!!

…and now, the pictures!


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