Every year Marvel opens the floor to it’s fans.  Before they do that, they play cleanup and announce ‘everything else’ that they haven’t gotten to yet.  Let’s have a look at what went down…

Panel – Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, Axel Alonso, CB Cebulski, Steve Wacker, Dan Buckley, Arune Singh

  • We will see a new weekly series for 5 issues in The Punisher – Nightmare.
    • Guardians of the galaxy will be re-launching with Brian Michael Bendis writing, McNiven drawing, 2/13.
    • The book will feature: Groot, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gammora, and someone wearing what looks like Iron Man Armor.
    • Steve McNiven taking the stage.
    • McNiven confirms that the star of the first issue will be Star Lord.
  • Next up NOVA!!
    • Written by Jeph Loeb, drawn by McGuiness coming to your town 2/13.
    • This is new Nova, Sam Alexander.
    • We were advised later that Rich Rider is very much gone for good.  This is heartbreaking.  Loeb claims his story is over…side note I disagree. Star Lord came back, Thanos came back.  Last I checked they were both hanging out with Richard Rider….and the World Mind.  Why is he the only one that got screwed?
    • This is a story about how an ordinary kid has something extraordinary happen to him.
    • What would you do if you were put in a world you don’t understand, with no one to talk about it with?
    • Family is a big element.
    • Nova is in Point One Now.


  • Marvel Custom?
    • Axel now speaking – ESPN The Magazine.
    • NBA comic book cross over – What If Story.
    • 10 page issue will be available in next weeks ESPN Magazine.


  • One other thing from Marvel TV that they didn’t get to, Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United.
    • This was announced at SDCC but we got a new trailer and it was pretty cool, all CG.
    • Coming 4/2013. Blu Ray and DVD Digital only.
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