Marvel Ultimate Comics Reborn – 10/14/11 – 4:45 PM


The head honchos of the Marvel Ultimate Universe sat down to give fans some news, info, and answer some questions about their little section of the MU.  On the panel we had Alex Alonso, Sara Pichelli, CB Cebulski, Sana Amanti, Esad Ribic, and it was moderated by Arune Singh.




The discussion launched with the elephant in the room, 1 very dead Peter Parker.  Ultimate admitted that this was not something that they did lightly.  Pichelli on the art of Miles Morales, stated that she based the character on herself, and real life, trying to mimic the motions of a younger person taking on the role of Spider-Man, not being quite as sure of their leaps and bounds as the more experienced Parker.  Pichelli also went on to say that the long hair and corn rows were more a first choice, but they couldn’t work out the logistics with what that might look like under the mask.




Over the next four issues we should get a much better insight as to where Morales comes from and what he will grow into.  The Ultimate Panel was more than insistent that Miles is here to stay, they love him, we love him, and that’s that.  Peter is dead, Miles is the guy!




The panel then moved on to the relaunch of the Ultimates.  A comment was made to much laughter that they were able to do the relaunch and refresh the line without rebooting their whole universe….I thought that was pretty funny too.  The panel then turned an eye on the outstanding art of Esad Ribic, to which he credited all those he stole from to put together the art and alien pages in Ultimates 4.  When asked by Arune about the art edge in the Ultimates, Esad responded “It’s f#@cking ULTIMATES!”. 




Some Ultimates preview info includes a special surprise appearance by a character between issues 5 and 6.  Things will focus on the interactions between the Ultimates and the City.




The panel then launched a discussion about how critical a bridge point the Hawkeye mini-series is between what is going on now and the future of the Ultimate Universe and two characters in this series will heavily influence the lives of the Ultimate X-Men.




The Ultimate X-Men was hailed by the panel as the return of the team book in the Ultimate Universe.  We will see Johnny Storm, Ice Man, and Jamie Hudson (Logan’s kid), emerge as the strongest and most focused upon characters for the title. 




Next for the Ultimate X-Men we are going to see fallout from the events of the Ultimate Hawkeye series and the return of a character who is “kind of a d@ck” that will set up some excellent fights.








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