A lot of these panels were interesting, but one of the ones that caught me most off guard was one that I didn’t plan to attend.  The Sony Panel from 4-5 on 10/15/11.  It was supposed to be about Ghost Rider, but we got some treats. 

A Sony rep came out, told us about our 3D glasses / when they would be needed, then gave us a glimpse of Underworld Awakening.  We were told it was rough cut, but the trailer was 3D.  Some insight was given, things are different, humans now know about vampires.  There is a “golden child” (hybrid) that the humans want, and the lycans want to kill, so the vamps are looking to protect her.  A lot of high action with a Kate Beckinsale voice over as Selene.  We also learn that she’s been experimented on for some years and escapes.  This releases 1/20/12.

Next up, and a huge shock and awe piece, Total Recall.  We got, not a new trailer, but a full sequence.  We were told shooting wrapped three weeks ago, and for that time frame, what we were shown was nothing short of SICK!  Ferrel walks into the Total Recall place, they start his recall, have to stop because he’s a spy, a police force walks in, takes out the workers, and Ferrel takes them to school in all kinds of ninja / gunfight ways.  Really very intense clip, I can’t wait for this movie, but I’ll have to until 8/12.  Side note…apparently, Harold from Harold and Kumar is in it, as is Brian Cranston…neat!

Onto Ghost Rider the new.  The directors Neveldine and Taylor (Crank / Crank 2) were brought out to speak on the movie.  They started with a clip of how they direct, and WOW. These guys are nuts.  More stunts than the stuntmen.  Enough to give a producer a pure unadulterated heart attack in the face.  30 mile an hour shots on roller blades, hanging off of mountains and over cliffs.  Really impressive stuff, kudos to them.

The duo went on to discuss their goals for the film.  They worked to make Ghost meaner, grittier, and from the trailer it looks like it worked.  Gone is the high camp factor.  Their quote was that we “shouldn’t be amused by him (ghost)”.  They went on to define the movie as neither a reboot or a sequel.  The previous films events may or may not have happened in this world and at any rate it’s about 5 years down the road. 

We also learned that Ghost Rider will break out his favorite toy the Penant Stare (but it will be less effect and more performance based), and that “anything” he rides gets hellifide.

In another fun quote we learned that for a PG-13 rating, you can burn just about as many bodies as you’d like.  As well the team stated that the 3D was done in post with all the shooting in mind to be 3D.  Their explanation was mainly that the equipment for 3D would have made much of the shooting impossible.


Check out Ghost Rider in theaters 7/4/12

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