New York Comic-Con 2011 came and went like a thunderstorm.  A thunderstorm full of more people than I have ever seen in one place in my entire life (Saturday). was honored to have been able to bring our readers news, exclusives, reviews, panel coverage, and more from the event.  Quite a bit of what we published was non-editorial in nature, really just telling you guys what was happening which, is what we set out to do.  We really tried to focus hard on our name sake (Marvel Universe MU), while bringing you other things that you might have found interesting…and where that formula failed, or I just didn’t care, I went to go check out stuff I thought would be neat.  Thankfully I feel like we were pretty spot on for the duration.

Check out a quick day-by-day recap, and for those of you that just want pictures…scroll down.


Preview day, and I am not going to lie, I was nervous.  I didn’t know how much work this was going to be, and at the end of our coverage, I know that I couldn’t have guessed just how much.  Nicely enough though, Thursday we waited in line for about 45 minutes after grabbing our passes, got in, and lined right up for Hasbro exclusives.  We got our share and then turned the corner in their booth to get you the outstanding pictures you saw in our Hasbro Booth coverage post.  Between the cases and the diorama, we were shooting for almost an hour.  Side note, I picked up a Compound Hulk for you guys, keep checking back for that giveaway!

Once we had picked Hasbro clean, we sauntered down to the Marvel booth and had a look at the display.  There wasn’t much else going on there preview night.  We were able to peruse the booths a little bit, but admittedly up through our last day there was a whole half of a floor we didn’t even really know was there (mostly Intel / Gaming / Artist Alley).

Even though Thursday was a short day (about 2:30 – 6:40), we were spent probably worse than any other day.


On Friday we went in with a bit of a posse (not of MU staff…there is no such thing, just my brother and I, the rest of the posse were friends along for the ride).  We made it into NYC from our LI home a little after the show opened up, so we didn’t have to contend with any lines which worked out great! We shot right for the Hasbro Booth again because I wanted to grab any updated figures (there were none at that point). 

We then went back over to Marvel, I grabbed the MDCU Exclusive Dr. Doom figure which, will be reviewed here this week.  A crowd gathered by the stage, so I went to go check it out.  They were giving away maroon colored Avengers T-Shirts with a Hawkeye logo on the back.  I worked my way up to the stage and waited patiently for about 25 minutes.  The guy giving out t-shirts, who was apparently trying to be very fair and conscious about matching a shirt size to an actual standing individual, came upon a handful of 2x’s!  I was thrilled, he gave the second one to me (being that I am a small scale giant).  I mention this mainly because it was a big highlight for me :).

There wasn’t much more time for browsing, we walked around a little, then sat for the Guild Panel and a few others (we dispersed).   You saw our panel coverage so I’ll skip that. 

Moving on we ducked out of the Javits Center for lunch at a pub called the Twins two blocks north and a little to the right.  Can’t recommend it enough.  Cold beer, great steak sangwich. 

Back to the hall, we finished the day out with other panels, and you know about those.


I’m not lying to you, I’ve really never seen this many people.  It took us nearly a half hour to make it from the Hasbro Booth to the DC Booth (maybe 1500 feet as the crow flies?).  We got in at about 1, our focus being – hit the Hasbro Booth, take more pictures (we did), then head on over to wait for the Walking Dead, Avengers, and Hasbro panels.

My nephew and I (recruited to replace Mike (brother) for the day), waited on line from about 2 to 4:30 in a loading bay type room WITH NO CELLULAR OR WIFI SERVICE!!! It might have been the longest I was disconnected in a decade. 

You saw the coverage from there really.  Still, what grabbed me about Saturday was the swell of humanity.  The disappointed fans that were way too far down in line to get into Walking Dead or the Avengers panels.  There were points that I thought…wow…maybe if most nerdy folk weren’t so lazy (self-included), there’d be some sort of riot!

Highlights of Saturday though can’t be overlooked.  I got to meet Dan Curto of and fame.  I can’t tell you enough how nice of a guy he is, and he is responsible for introducing MUReview to some important people at Hasbro, for that, we thank him.

We also met up with the toy guy at  MTV sponsored this event, heavily, so it’s a testament to how much NYCC doesn’t care who you are. I met Jason waiting in line for the Hasbro Panel.  Check him out over at MTV Geek, and a big MUReview thank you for providing some of the shots that my camera missed at the panel (Hasbro). 


We didn’t go, because Saturday was so crazy!  We updated you with some shots from Marvelousnews though so you could see the new figures in the Hasbro booth. 

Again, thank you all for checking here daily for your NYCC 2011 news.  We want to make sure we are around for next years, and for Toy Fair, and for so much else.  Visit our sponsors, buy stuff from our Amazon links, check out our partner’s eBay auctions…check out our eBay auctions! We aren’t scalpers we are just trying to finance a website!  If not for our readers we’d just be people talking on the Internet.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You’ve seen the pics specific to each post…now here is everything else!

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