Marvel Anime on G4 – 10/14/11 – 5PM.


Focusing on the recent and continuing run of the imported made for Japan anime series featuring Iron Man, Wolverine, the X-Men, and Blade, this panel had the most star power I sat in all day…well, most “outside of the comic-world recognizable” star power.  The panel was mainly Jeph Loeb speaking with Arune Singh chiming in. 




For those not fully in the know, we get 12 episodes of each, Iron Man, Wolverine (completed their runs last night 10/14/11 on G4 at 11PM EST), and starting this Friday we have the X-Men, and then January, Blade.




The shows were made for a Japanese audience, but we got the story about how the inspiration came about to bring them states side with great American voice actors (Milo Ventimiglia – Wolverine / Adrian Pasdar – Iron Man). 




It was after that brief intro we were treated to a running in Milo Ventimiglia fresh off of a plane.  He gave us a few stories about how Pasdar is a little competitive behind the mic and answered some questions about how it was to voice Wolverine, stating that he went so far some days, as to put sharpened pencils between his fingers, and how the staff would mess with him by giving him unsharpened pencils.




We learned that the scripts were directly translated first, and then modified where possible to make English sense.   We also got some insight about the difficulties of trying to match up the lip movement timing in anime. 




Once Milo wrapped up, we got our first surprise.  The voice of BLADE! Harold Perrineau (Lost) will be providing the voice for the worlds favorite Day Walker.  The crowd was then treated to the intro to the series.  Intense stuff, looks great.  We will be watching – you should to, Januray 12 2012 at 11PM EST on G4TV!




Next up was X-Men.  As above, this show will premiere next Friday night on G4TV at 11PM EST.  Scott Porter (Heart of Dixie CW) will voice Cyclops.  We got a little interview and a little preview of the show.  It takes place just after a Dark Phoenix event that was spurred on by this shows version of the Hellfire Club (the Inner Circle).  The disaster prompts Cyclops to quit the band and grieve at Jean’s grave site…for what appears to be a year?




We were then treated to a screening of the first full episode.  Wolverine is funny, Cyclops is intense and broody, and shocker – the band does get back together to go find a mutant girl gone missing in Japan (end scene).  Check out the X-Men animated series on G4 this coming Friday at 11PM EST.

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