Hasbro Panel Marvel Universe – 10/15/11 – 7:30 PM

Special thanks to Lemonjuice McGee (Jason) at MTV.com/geek for sharing some images when MUReview’s camera equipment decided to vomit instead of taking pictures.

Don’t ever say I’m not dedicated to my craft.  It’s 7:30PM and I haven’t eaten since 9AM, I faced a near riot leaving the Walking Dead Q and A section, and I have left the Avengers Panel to my nephew to cover for you, our readers.  Why?  Because we are here for Marvel Universe.  It’s in the name of the site.  That’s pretty much it, we can’t go any further with this site, without the Marvel Universe Toy Line.  So without further adieu, the lights go down…no they don’t they stay up, the slideshow starts….


Introducing the panel:

Scott George – Brand Manager MU, ML, Avengers.

David Vonner – Senior Designer for MU and Avengers.

Dwight Stahl – Senior Design Manager for ML and Avengers.

This is the first time Hasbro has had a booth or panel at NYCC.  They have a lot of exciting stuff to share with use.  First up, a recap of 2011, a great year with Universe, Cap, and Thor lines all doing great!

 Now to the slides, I’m just going to name figures and maybe throw in some comments. Check the gallery for the full set of images…I think I got all of them!

2011 exclusives, they are almost sold out, get em while they are hot or suffer eBay!

Mini Muggs – These are the second exclusive Muggs offering of the year. Unprecedented.

 2012 –

Avengers Toy Line!

Iron Man, Thor, Hulk.

To answer the burning question, we will see comic outfits in the Avengers line starting with:

(The only slide I missed…) Ultimate Thor.

Ultimate Hawkeye.


2012 will also see some new Mini Muggs.

Captain America V Red Skull

Hulk V The Abomination

Thor V Loki

Iron Man V Iron Monger.


Marvel Universe

Hercules painted – amazing




Archangel – Pictured in blue but we were told to expect a red variant.

Team pack

Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Red Hulk (new mold?), and Thor (looks like the SDCC exclusive Legends scale).

 Professor X!! We were told “A few other people can wear that suit too…)

 Jubilee (and potentially a vampire variant?)

 Blaastar – variant coming as well. Blasting hands?

 Medusa!! Inhumans! Unpainted mold displayed.


 Black Knight is coming!

 Bearded Thor with war helmet

 Thor Frog!!!


Marvel Legends

Wave 1 displayed

Terrax, Constrictor, Hope, Thor, Steve Rogers Terrax (BAF), Extremis Iron Man.

 BAF Arnim Zola displayed with Red Skull Chest Variant.

Wrecking crew – Thunderball running change into Pile Driver

Hasbro is “Breaking rules to give more Legends in the year”

 Madame Mask running change into Madame Hydra (I might have that backwards).

 Big Time and Future Foundation Spider-Man (with enhanced…”Spidery” articulation).

Legends sneak peaks.

US Agent (Sasquatch hinted at)

 Armory Wars Punisher with lots of guns!

 Blade with a sick head sculpt (as a potential head swap on the above Punisher mold).

 Somewhere in 2012 – Archangel  modern – we would later find that they would not tell us what paint it was (Purple or X-Force).

 Jean Grey – Jim Lee / 90’s version.  They’ve been asked about this / most requested for the last 10 years!


We were also teased with a quick image (which I caught) of Moonstar

We didn’t get an image, but we will see a re-done Emma Frost (that isn’t “awful”).


 Q and A

Question: Is the Legends Archangel X-Force or Modern?

Hasbro: We will have to wait and see.


Question: Any more plans for villains in MU line?

Hasbro: Oh yeah, a team of them…”They fight the Avengers a lot!”


Question: When can we get Emma 2K7 (good version – not released) as an exclusive online order?

Hasbro: The 2007 figure is not being done, we are making a new one.


Question: (missed the question but it was about North Star.

Hasbro:  “We have plans for North Star.”


Question: MU Puck – how big is he? 1,2,3?

Hasbro:  “Big things come in small packages”.  2.5 inches is the estimate.

Follow up response: “I look forward to Lockjaw in 2012.”

Hasbro response: “Nope”.


Question: Will we see a shortless Fin Fang Foom Variant?

Hasbro: He will come in shorts.  Foom plans will be announced in the future.


Question:  (Very rude gentleman who felt entitled to a comment on everything Hasbro said even going so far as to interrupt people with the right to ask questions with the mic) Fear Itself?

Hasbro: Asked the room if we’d like to see the Mighty and the Worthy to cheers and some confusion.


Question: What about a joke line – Amazing Bag Man?  

Hasbro:  Bag Man is coming, SOON.  “It’s going to be cool how we do it, keep your eyes out.”

 Hasbro follow up:  What about Arcade – he wears a suit too?  Hinting at Arcade wearing the Prof X suit?….


 Question: What about a Stan Lee for MU?

Hasbro:  Stan lee? “He loves it” – they did a 6 inch.  There are no plans right now for a Stan Lee figure but he could show up at any time (maybe in a suit…they said that).


Question: Any more Wolverines?

Hasbro:  Vonner just said that he loved Wolverine…and Spider-Man…and that his boss was right there.  Then went on to say – New future packs will have different characters and captions on the back and comedy maybe some funny stuff about why Wolverine keeps coming up.


One more question, but I missed which line it was about.

Hasbro: Rogue is coming.


Hasbro: If you like what you saw this year, you have no idea what’s coming in Feb at Toy Fair.



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