Guild Panel Highlights – 10/14/11 – 12:15 PM


Guild fans, got a chance to hang out at the Guild / Felica Day Panel at NY Comic-Con 2011.  Check out the bulleted highlights below:




  • The Guild is celebrating having just wrapped on the run of Season 5.
  • Seasons 1-4 are now available on DVD
  • Season 5 was not shot in Felicia Day’s home.  This is mainly because she was getting upset at production staff leaving soda can rings on her coffee table.
  • Sundeep (Zabu), also admitted to having upper decked Felcia’s toilet (it was probably a joke…who cares, that’s awesome).
  • Felica’s Dragon Age project is in flight with the  remaining episodes to play over the next 5 weeks.
    • No other Guild cast members were involved in the project, but they were considered.
    • Balancing the Guild, Dragon Age and other projects were a learning experience for Felicia and she’s been stretching herself pretty thin.
    • On making out with Zabu in the Guild, “It was awkward”.
    • Many of the special guest cameos in the Guild were as a result of convention meet ups.
    • When asked about what her dream property (to work on) was, Felicia responded.
      • Fring, Game Of Thrones, Big Bang, and being a judge on Project Runway.
      • When asked about doing anymore projects with Joss Whedon, Day responded that she’d do anything with / for Whedon, however, the question everyone wanted answered, “More Doctor Horrible”, was answered with “not in the plans at this time”.




A few other nice Guild / Felicia Day things to look forward to:


  • More Guild Comics coming
  • A line with Munchkin
  • No new info on a next Season of the Guild.

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