Avengers panel 10/15/11 – Guest written by Richie L.

Moderator: Chris Hardwick

Panel Guests: Kevin Feige, Chris Evans, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston.


The panel opened with Kevin Feige and the trailer playing.  We had a surprise guest, Mark Ruffalo.  Hardwick then proceeded to ask light questions down the panel line.  A few responses worth note:


Tom Hiddleston– At the end of Thor, Loki was confused about his place in the universe, later, Hiddleston says, Loki has moved on and knows who he is. 


Clark Gregg – Sang the Avengers theme song (that he made up), for the panel (backstage).


Mark Ruffalo – Hulk is a more mature Bruce Banner.  He did his best to play homage to previous Hulks but did “Ruffalize” the Hulk.


Additional footage exclusive to NYCC was then launched (description…loose).

The scene starts on a little girl in a foreign country running through a village.  The little girl runs into a building and there she finds Bruce Banner who is caring for sick patients.  The little girl tells Banner that her father is sick.  The girl leads Banner into a house in the outskirts of the town.  The girl exits out of the back window (jumps), and Banner is now in the house facing the Black Widow (introduced as Natasha).


Widow tells Banner that Nick Fury trusts him.  Banner asks Widow how they found him, she tells him they’ve always known where he was and that SHIELD has prevented other organizations from knowing his whereabouts as well.    Widow asks Banner to join, Banner asks “what if I said no”, she gives him an explanation, and then Banner asks Widow (talking about the Hulk), “what if the other guy says no?”.   Widow then states that it’s been two years since his last “incident”.  


Fury is looking for the Tesserac, a device that emits a Gamma signal too weak for SHIELD to track, but Banner can track it.   Banner agrees to join with Fury…end clip.


After the clip we were treated to a brief montage which consisted of  a few statements:

Loki: “I have an army”.

Stark: “I have a Demi-God, a Hulk, and a Living Legend” (paraphrase.


A few other things of note, statements, etc…

Ruffalo – Banner has extreme control over the Hulk. 

Evans – Prefers playing Captain America to the Human Torch.

Clark Gregg – While filming in Albuquerque, he received a text message from Chris Evans that said nothing more or less than “Assemble”.


When asked who his favorite super hero was, Hiddleston said “Thor”, and then stated that if he had to pick a female it would be Sif, the body that Loki chooses to come back in (a plot slip maybe?).


Hiddleston was also asked about seeing post-credit scenes in the Avengers.  Hiddleston responded that it was a nice tradition and he liked sticking with tradition (paraphrase). 


Also to note, Iron Man 3 is in pre-production.  Iron Man 3 begins “phase 2”, which WILL lead to the Avengers 2.



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