Today marks the opening (unofficial?) of New York Comic Con 2013.  In years past, the Thursday was always considered a preview day.  Only press, professionals, and those who bought 4 day packs were permitted to attend.  This year though, it seems like Reed Pop has thrown caution to the wind and opened the doors wide on day 0.  You really can’t call this a preview day ever again.  There were nearly as many people lining up for their favorite exclusives today as there are on Friday’s and Saturdays.  It honestly has me a little bit uneasy about what comes next!

That said, today was good, I got to take in a lot of the floor, visit a lot of the booths.  I was really stunned at what Super Alloy was showing off with their Iron Man small, medium, and large lines.  Diamond Select put out a great showing as well, but I was advised that I should come back during the week.  Look for those pictures about the above mentioned though, in their own posts.

This post is just about the grandeur and chaos of today.  I saw Sgt. Slaughter…that’s so f’n cool.  I was chased away from a line at the Marvel Booth and then restricted to what I could buy to the point that I will have to wait on that horrendous line again tomorrow.  While I’m there tomorrow I’ll grab more pictures of the booth and look for ‘what’s goin on’, because today it was really just exclusives and sign ups for the Unlimited Digital subs.  Nothing on stage, and the Your Universe never reached a slow simmer.  Oh, right, they had Lola from Agents of SHIELD on display.  That was pretty cool!

I passed by but didn’t have a minute to stop at, the Toy Hunters store booth, Hollywood Heroes (Jordan Hembrough).  He seemed like he was busy wheeling and dealing and we are looking forward to talking to him on Saturday morning!

Hallmark ran out of exclusives quick, a Pop Vinyl Stan Lee was nowhere to be found, I was assured they will have more for the rest of the show, and I managed to score an autograph pass for Stan Lee for a friend on Sunday.

Speaking of Stan Lee, his cologne…smells pretty damned good!

I did my t-shirt shopping for the year (short of the Marvel Exclusive Groot and Rocket….because they couldn’t sell them…because someone forgot to sort sizes and they couldn’t figure it out).  Midtown has a nice showing of brand new shirts for the con, US Agent, Task Master, Captain Marvel!  Also, we got a look at Nick Fury from the Madame Tussaudes display.

Tune in for more tomorrow, when we attack panels all day long!  Check out the pictures of day one chaos below!

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