In a completely scheduled and absolutely always appreciated non-chance encounter with our man at Diamond Select Toys, Zach Oat, we were given a walk through of the Diamond Select booth.  He gave us the scoop on Marvel near term and mid-term, and showed off the wonderful wares from Minimates to Select to bottle openers and silicone molds.  MUReview is eternally grateful for his time, and we are happy to share with you what we have learned.

First up, let’s check out Wave 54, featuring figures that pay homage to the upcoming Winter Soldier film.  The Wave includes Red Skull Zola bot, Baron Von Strucker, madame Hydra, a Hyrda soldier, a highly spangled Captain America, Falcon and the Winter Soldier himself.  By the card we should look for these in January of 14.

Next on the list is a Thunderbolts box set…not the old half a$$ed Thunderbolts.  The big boys, Red Hulk, Deadpool, Elektra and The Punisher.  CANNOT WAIT for this set, and it doesn’t look like it’s too far out at December of 2013 by the card.

The known about Villain Zombies set was displayed, DST is hoping to have it out by Halloween this year. Also in the Minimates case, the Age of Ultron set featuring Angela, Iron Man, Ultron and Nick Fury (all AOU).  Look for it early next year…get in line behind me!

Treats abound for fans of select scale.  In support of the new Thor movie we will see a new Thor (movie style) this year, and Jane Foster (maybe this year, maybe not).  As well, a close look at the upcoming and epic Silver Surfer which is already pre-ordered and paid in full at this house. Also to note, a Venom bottle opener, next to my precious, the Infinity Gauntlet (maybe this year!) and Deadpool.

Now, look in the background for a new silicone mold.  Cap shields!! Hopefully not too far off!

Diamond Select Toys has some excellent stuff coming to be excited about.  If you are in town, hit the booth, if not, check out their stuff online and buy / pre-order to your hearts content, you won’t be disappointed.

Note, this is a part 1, we will revisit this booth and post additional information as it is obtained.

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