New images from Matty Collector for the Voltron Subscription figures and Lions were released, and they look outstanding (below).  Here’s the catch, or maybe not really a catch, but it certainly isn’t all puppy dogs and laughing babies.

The subscription is $15 to start.  Each figure (6) are $15.  The lions vary from $50 to $35, and no one puts a number on tax or shipping.  This subscription starts shipping in 2012, and if you sign yourself up, make sure that you know you are making over a $300 investment.  Rest assured, if I had it, I’d probably get in on this, I think it looks amazing, especially the exclusive Sven. $300 plus is a pretty penny though.

The figures and lions can be bought through Matty Collector, and likely through other outlets once they start shipping.  However, the only way to ensure you get one of each, and the ONLY WAY to get Sven, is through the subscription.  Are you signing up?  Let us know here or in our forums (which gets you an entry to the Sentinel giveaway!)

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