Sketch art by David Lopez

By Tim Stevens  From

David Lopez starts a new job as artist on NEW MUTANTS with issue #33 this November, but for him, it feels like coming home.

“I am very familiar with the New Mutants; in fact, I am a New Mutant,” he confesses. “It’s the book I liked the most when I was a kid. I dreamed I was one of them and had fantastic adventures with my mutant friends. I remember seeing them grow up.”

Now Lopez, all grown up too, has the chance to work on the path that some of his most admired predecessors blazed, which has only deepened his appreciation of the assignment.

“Graphically I am working on the same book and with the same characters as [Bill] Sienkiewicz and Art Adams,” he enthuses. “It’s great to have the opportunity to be part of their history. They’re the best toys you can play with. I know the characters, I like them—I love them. It was fun to notice that I didn’t need to sketch very much to get their faces and bodies; they’ve always been there.”

Sketch art by David Lopez

For Lopez, the assignment allows him to both respect those past designs he knows by heart while filtering them through his own lens.

“I’m not really designing the uniforms, I’m adapting them to my style,” he explains. “The biggest challenge was Warlock; he’s this weirdo robot guy without a defined physical shape, something that only Sienkiewicz could do. It’s taken me some time to bring him to my grounds, but he looks pretty neat now.”

While no one wants to spoil the story, Lopez does have a few details he can share.

“There’s a Nu Metal band that will rock and we’ll go a bit slice of life,” he teases. “But, again, that’s what the New Mutants were from the very beginning. They’re maybe the [most] human group of mutants—even if Dani Moonstar is not a mutant anymore and Warlock is a robot.”

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