Otto Bjornik’s Dunny Chess Series is the first collection of it’s kind! This series can become a full chess set as you collect! The Dunny figures in this series are designed as a king, queen, rook, bishop, knight or pawn. The series can be purchased in individual two-packs or as a full chess set. Each two-pack Dunny set comes with four pieces of the chess board.  Alternatively, purchasing as a complete chess set guarantees an entire playable board and pieces. Each complete set comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by Otto Bjornik. Full Shah Mat sets are only available in limited quantities.

Otto Bjornik’s Shah Mat Dunny Chess Series is now available on! Two-packs can be purchased for $19.99 each. The complete set can be purchased for $500.00.

Individual Dunny two-pack & four chess board tiles

Complete Shah Mat Chess Set with signed & numbered certificate of authenticity

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