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In the lead up to “Marvel vs. Capcom Origins,” coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, (along with our pals at Capcom Unity) thought it’d be fun to run through the roster and highlight each of the characters from both” Marvel Super Heroes” and the original “Marvel vs. Capcom,” meaning we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

We’ll give you their full stats along with where they were during the time they appeared in “Marvel Super Heroes” (1995) and “Marvel vs. Capcom” (1999). You can catch new profiles on the Marvel characters right here every Tuesday and Friday, and Capcom  has its own write up right here.

By Ben Chabala


Captain America

First Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 (1941)

“MvC Origins” appearances: Playable character in “Marvel Super Heroes,” “Marvel vs. Capcom”

Bio: Steve Rogers was once just a 90 pound weakling who dreamt of kicking Nazi butt during World War II. The military doctors deemed him unfit for duty, but the little scrapper wouldn’t give up, which got him noticed by the top army brass and Project: Rebirth. They transformed scrawny Steve Rogers into the world’s most incredible fighting machine, a true Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America! The star-spangled soldier fought the Third Reich until a mission went bad and he was frozen in a block of ice, only to be thawed out in the modern age, a man out of time. Now he fights for truth and justice as the leader of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, a hero no matter the epoch.

Captain America in 1995

Where He Was in 1995: With the Super Soldier Serum flowing through his blood degrading, Cap faced certain paralysis and then death, donning a special armor that permitted him to continue battling evil. While death eventually caught up to him, Captain America was brought back to life once again by two unlikely allies: The long thought dead Sharon Carter and the Red Skull.

Where He Was in 1999: Our stoic soldier faces down his archenemy the Red Skull who just so happens to possess the Cosmic Cube, making him nigh omnipotent…and that’s only the beginning of his problems as he faces off against the powerful Korvac. And all this without the help of his trusty shield, replaced by a photonic one after it was lost to the bottom of the ocean!


U.S. Agent

First Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA #323 (1986)

“MvC Origins” appearances: Assist character in “Marvel vs. Capcom”

Bio: A former soldier, John Walker has both fought against Captain America as the Super Patriot, and alongside the star-spangled Avenger as U.S. Agent. Heck, he even took up Cap’s signature shield for a time, carrying on Steve’s legacy. He’s been an Avenger, a Thunderbolt, a member of Omega Flight in Canada, and fought some of the nastiest villains in this dimension. John even lost an arm and a leg to a deranged villain named Nuke, but still managed to keep fighting the good fight. Nothing keeps U.S. Agent out of a fight!

Where He Was in 1999: John was taking some time off after most recently helping the Avengers face down Morgana Le Fay.

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