So far, this site has been a great ride for us.  We have seen a lot of successes in a very short amount of time, and the response from you (our readers), has been outstanding.  We are going to keep bringing you comic related news, reviews, releases, and anything else we can think of that you might want to read.

We received news of our greatest success so far today however.  We have been approved as “Media” for attendance to NY Comic-Con 2011.  This is because you read our site, and it’s because you want to see what we have to say.

It is with this, that I am really as proud as I have ever been, to bring you the news, that we will be covering Comic-Con NY 2011 for our readers.  We are going to do our best to provide unprecedented coverage, floor images, and maybe even news of / giveaway of an exclusive or two as we can make it happen.

We will be there with cards in hand, wearing our MUReview pride on our sleeves, backs and chests (t-shirts).  I’m sure my wife will let me loose in NYC with a nice DSLR so we can bring you NYCC in high-res, and if wi-fi and AT&T permit, we will do it as live as possible.

We hope you all stick around to see what’s coming next, we can’t wait, and I hope you can’t either! EXCELSIOR! (or some such)

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