is proud to formally begin covering products from Diamond Select Toys!  DST-tiny

I say formally for a few reasons.  We’ve brought you news about Diamond Select Toys for some time now, probably since our beginnings at SDCC 2011.  We’ve brought you reviews before as well.  However, I don’t know that I have ever formally considered myself a collector.  I have a limitation of budget and because of that, I am only really able to bring you, the reader coverage of things that I collect and can afford myself.

It is for reasons of budget I shied away from collecting Minimates in the first place.  It’s not that they are expensive or out of line with other great products like them, it’s that I’m collecting other things and the thought of reaching back into the vast Minimates library through the halls of eBay would be too painful.

MM shrunk…For the most part, I got over that.  My collection of Minimates is beginning to grow rapidly.  Specifically, we will first be reaching out into the Marvel Cosmic depths of the Minimates line, beginning with Wave 23 Nova and Gamora.

Why Wave 23?  That’s well away from the beginning and well away from the 48, 49 waves that are currently available.  Well, we have to start somewhere.

Why Minimates?  I see, in this exemplary toy line, not only a great product, exceptional art and articulation, but courage.  Diamond Select Toys continues to go where other toy makers can’t begin to dream utilizing characters that have never or rarely before graced the plastic format.

Let’s also not forget the DST Marvel Select line.  We’ve brought you some reviews here too.  How could we not, Marvel Select is excellence in toy making in all of it’s highest forms.  Attention to scale, detail, character likeness aren’t found in the abundance that DST provides through Marvel Select anywhere, with maybe the exception of a Bowen statue…and you can’t pose that.  We want to make sure that we bring our buddy James further into the review fold and get him writing about these epic figures!

You can also bet that we will be taking a crack at some of DSTs other finery, key chains, bottle openers, whatever we can find between our friends and our LCS.  I for one cannot wait for the Infinity Gauntlet!

Please note a few changes to  We will now be grouping action figure reviews and news by brand when int concerns Minimates, Marvel Select, Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe so that it will make things easier for you to find.  All other categories of toys will find a home in the root of Action Figure News / Reviews respectively.

It is with all of this that I would once again like to provide a warm welcome to Minimates, Marvel Select and Diamond Select Toys to


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