Muppets Select Series 1 Featuring Kermit, Robin, Bean, Fozzie, Scooter, Gonzo and Camilla

The MUReview household is a Muppet household.  I grew up with them, my children are growing up with them, it’s ingrained in our DNA at this point.  So when we get a chance for hands on / eyes on Muppets toys in any capacity we are thrilled.  Enter Diamond Select Toys though, and we don’t just get Muppets in any capacity.  We get the Select treatment and it is truly amazing.  Let’s dive in and take a look at each set of figures in the series!


Kermit Robin and Bean

The Good

  • The Kermit Select figure is the most articulated and show accurate action figure representation of the character yet.
  • Included accessories are copious and fitting.  K’s director chair and guitar are perfect fits.
  • Robin is adorable, as is bean.
  • The log and little stool for sitting and strumming make for excellent diorama pieces.
  • All three figures have incredible detail and excellent paint applications.

The Bad

  • Kermit’s articulation and character accuracy definitely come at the cost of being delicate.  His limbs are frail and very thin and it wouldn’t take much to snap them.  He’s a frog though…so I guess this lends itself further to a positive for accuracy.
  • Robin is a tough cookie to get to stand and his limited articulation make it hard to pose him for sitting.


Gonzo and Camilla

The Good

  • The Gonzo figure is another exceptionally accurate representation of the character.
  • Fine suit detail.
  • Very good articulation to allow for a ton of pose-ability.
  • Camilla, while not articulated is dead on show accurate in scale and design.
  • Gonzo and Camilla come with an interesting set of accessories including a stage light, an easel, pop corn, coffee, a horn…it’s almost comedic by itself that they have all of that stuff!

The Bad

  • Gonzo doesn’t come with extra outfits, that woulda been pretty cool if he did though.
  • Included accessories are tricky to get into Gonzo’s hands.


Fozzie and Scooter

The Good

  • Fozzie is my favorite figure of the series (though Kermit will always be my number one Muppet!).  He comes to life in plastic just as much as he does on the screen.
  • Fozzie’s incredible articulation allow for all sorts of “I just told an awful joke” poses.
  • Fozzie’s included accessories are not too little, not too much, perfect.  Rubber chicken – check.  Fake mustache / glasses disguise – check.  Hat – check.
  • The Fozzie and Scooter package is the only one in the wave with two full size, fully articulated figures, so consider it a wealth of riches and Scooter is nearly every bit as awesome as Fozzie.
  • Scooter is another screen perfect figure, from his sneakers to his highly detailed track jacket, to his glasses that are really actually his eyes!

The Bad

  • Once the packaging rubber band is off of Scooter, keeping his glasses on becomes a little bit of a chore.
  • Equipping Scooter with some of his accessories is a little tricky due to hand design.


The rest

It is a shame that I bring you this post after hearing news that the Muppets (ABC) have been canceled.  I enjoyed the show, and more, I’m thrilled that it was (likely) the impetus to get a new line of figures out to Muppet fans.  I enjoyed the show for what it was, and so did our whole family, so we will miss it.  It’s awesome to have these figures as a reminder of these modernized but still ultimately timeless and classic Muppets.  My “the bad” section above is mostly nit-picky stuff and this figure series is a must have, especially for Muppet fans.  I must warn you though.  The packaging from this series is probably the most frustrating I’ve ever encountered.  Every limb, accessory, piece, was tied down with a thick figure tie.  For some of the accessories the ties or some restraint was warranted…but for the most part, it was excessive and I finished un-boxing these for this review and the litlgeeks video as a shaking ball of rage with sore fingers.  Make sure you know where your scissors are before opening!

A word to parents interested in the series.  We did let our litlgeeks unbox these for us, and then play with them.  However, these are delicate figures with a lot of small pieces and should be considered collectibles first and toys second.  Pay attention to the age restrictions on the packaging and you’ll be fine.  For me though, these are going to find a high shelf and play will be supervised till my litlgeeks get a litlolder.


 Big Bad Toy Store has the whole first wave for purchase.  You should always scout your local comic shop too!   Never be shy about shopping direct either though, pay a visit to Diamond Select Toys if that’s what your fancy is, because they have these Muppets!


The litlgeeks Magic Box Review! (pictures below)



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MUReview received these products for free.

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