Check out more great toys from our friends we met at Sweet Suite 2016!

sky rover vc droneSky Rover™ Voice Command Drone by Auldey Toys

Super cool Drone with innovative, easy to use Voice Command technology!  The Voice Command Drone from Sky Rover™ responds to 12 commands when spoken through the included headset.  Simply say “take-off” and watch as your drone changes direction and does amazing stunts like 360° flips all in response to your verbal commands.  With 4 individual motors that are protected by propeller guards, this Drone is perfect for all levels of flyers.

Age: 10+

MSRP:  $59.99


sky rover voce command missleSky Rover™ Voice Command Missile Launcher by Auldey Toys

Ready, aim, fire!  Fly your helicopter and launch missiles all by voice command!  Speak into the included headset and take control in a whole new way.  Watch as your heli flies in a circular motion in response to your command “Enemy Scan,” and launches missiles when you say “Missile Fire”.  The Sky Rover™ Missile Launcher helicopter comes with 8 missiles and has a gyro balanced engine for easy and stable flying.  Indoor use only.

Age: 8+

MSRP:  $44.99


super wingsSuper Wings™ Transforming Characters by Auldey Toys

Super Wings™, transform! These 5-inch scale Super Wings™ figures are fully articulated and transform from plane to robot mode (and back) in 10 easy steps.  The challenge is fun for kids of different ages.  Watch as they master the transformation and re-enact their favorite missions from the popular TV show, or create their own new adventures with their imagination. No batteries required.  

Age: 3+

MSRP: $9.99


super sings playsetSuper Wings™ World Airport Playset by Auldey Toys

 It’s Fly Time! The iconic World Airport from the popular Super Wings™ TV series sets the stage for this ultimate playset for preschool boys and girls. Its large 35-inch scale delivers loads of fun, with electronic sounds and lights plus tons of activities for kids to recreate their favorite Super Wings scenes with minitransforming characters Jett and Donnie.  Attach them to the flyaround balance bar and spin them to circle the World Airport before they come in for a landing.  Load Jett into the elevator and lift him up to the Control Tower, then launch him down the ramp.  Flip open the base compartments to reveal a rotating luggage carousel and a cargo scale.  Press the button to hear commands from the Control Tower.  Transform Jett and Donnie from their plane mode to bot mode in 3 easy steps. The World Airport Playset will deliver hours of fun to Super Wings fans!  Set includes large-scale playset and 2 mini-transforming characters.

Requires 2AAA batteries (included).

Age: 3+

MSRP: $44.99


whiffer sniffersWhiffer Sniffers by Bearington Collection

The Original Whiffer Sniffers are high-quality scented plush characters with quirky personalities to match their scents. The Whiffer Sniffers have built a craze as the ultimate fun and friendly scented collector’s item. All of these fun characters are available in a collectible backpack clip, a huggable-size, and nostalgic scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers.

Age: 3+

MSRP: Backpack Clips $8, Super Sniffers $16, scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers $2.50. 


doodle domeDoodle Dome by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

I Glow! You Glow! We all Glow Crazy™! Creating mess-free glowing works of art has never been so easy with the Glow Crazy™ Doodle Dome. Create your own play space wherever you go with this convenient pop-up tent that is fun and easy to set up. Inside is the built in Glow Canvas that allows you to doodle with glow light for glow-in-the-dark play any time of day! Close the flap and create exciting designs with the Wide Beam Glow Wand, use stencils to trace fun shapes or even put on a light show for friends and family. Draw and write with light over and over again for hours of endless glow-in-the-dark fun. The Glow Crazy™ Doodle Dome is available in single and dual person size, and comes in multiple colors. Each Glow Crazy™ Doodle Dome includes built in Glow Canvas, Wide Beam Glow Wand, 4 stencil sheets and Doodle Dome carry bag.

Age: 3+

MSRP: $29.99


suprizamalsSurprizamals™ by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

Pop them open, and collect them all! These cute, collectible pop out play friends love to hide in Surprizaballs, so you never know which pet you’ll get! Made of soft plush, these adorable animals are cute, cuddly, soft and snuggly. With over 60 to collect in wave one, these fun Surprizamals™ come in Wacky, Cuties and Mini styles, and include must-have chasers and ultra-rare Surprizamals™ pets. Pop them open for hours of fun and start collecting today! Series two launches Fall 2016.

Available Exclusively at .

Age: 3+

MSRP: $2.99-$4.99


emojieez Emojiez by Fun 2 Play Toys


The Emojiez “Plushiez” and “Buddiez” characters are fun to collect, trade and each tell their own story. The Emojiez line is made up of 12 characters with unique personalities that include Romeo, the hopeless romantic, Knuckles, the champion fighter, Donny, who loves to live large, and Smelvin, who stinks but is still loveable. Emojiez will be available as collectible plush and vinyl characters known as “Plushiez” and “Buddiez” along with crafts and accessory sets to come out in 2017, building on the excitement of Emojiez.

Age: 3+

MSRP: Plushi Palz $3.99, Buddiez $1-$1.99


play visionsChameleon Skinz by Play Visions Inc.  

 This accessory tape will change color right before your eyes! All Chameleon Skinz are temperature sensitive and will transform into a new color as soon as they’re touched. Watch your skinz switch from blue to white, purple to pink, green to yellow, and many more!

New for 2016: Color changing Umbrella, Rainbow Reveal, Color Changing Activity Mat, Color Changing Play Mat.

Age: 5+

MSRP: $6.99


floofFloof by Play Visions Inc.  

 From the makers of Sands Alive!, this new compound looks like snow, feels like a marshmallow, molds like clay and can be reused every single day! It’s lighter than air, soft and smooth to the touch, and easily molds into amazing detail. You need to feel it to believe it!

Age: 3+

MSRP: $14.95+


sandsSoothing Sands by Play Visions Inc.  

 Soothing Sands is the desktop Zen Garden for any home or work environment. The soft sand at your fingertips will help you escape the tensions of everyday stress. The sculpting tools and display pieces help clear the mind of chaos all while sitting at your desk! Sets vary, but include: 1lb soothing sand, rock with inscription, wood sculpting and massaging tools, essential oils, bamboo display tray.

Age: 14+

MSRP: $35+


Precision RBS by Super Impulse Ltd.

Precision RBS, a unique new rubber band launching line like nothing ever experienced before. Precision RBS delivers safe and intense fun, with more ammo, more power and more on-target accuracy! It is more accurate than any foam dart in the marketplace. With three models to choose from, The precision RBS System is the next evolution for power and accuracy.


Age: 8+

MSRP: Talos $14.99, Chiron $19.99, Hyperion $24.99


worlds smallestWorld’s Smallest Toys by Super Impulse Ltd. 

Some of the BIGGEST and most classic toys you know and love are back as working versions in the smallest sizes ever created! These retro toys are a great throwback for parents and the perfect size for kids to fall in love with. Brands include: Rubik’s Cube, Perplexus, Duncan Imperial YoYo, Etch A Sketch and Little Green Army Men.

Age: 4+ (some brands 8+)

MSRP: $3.99+


Gemmies™ by Tech 4 Kids

Gemmies are the next evolution of the popular 3D beading craft. Following a simple process, kids clip Gemmies crystals to elastic rings then join completed rings to create a 3D sparkling creation! Design templates are intuitive and use a repetitive pattern that lets kids develop their cognitive abilities and progress to designing their own creations. You can make anything out of Gemmies crystals. Starting series include animals, flowers and more! Store all your Gemmies crystals and accessories in the Gemmies Design Studio and display your favorite creation on the light up pedestal.

Age: 6+

MSRP: $24.99


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