15.  You read that right, 15.  Monogram has announced, today, it’s 15th SDCC 2016 exclusive.  I’m beginning to wonder if they make ANYTHING you can just go to the store and buy…. they do!

As a popular fan favorite game, Kingdom Hearts brings to life animated characters featuring Final Fantasy and your classic Disney characters. Monogram offers anther San Diego Comic Con Exclusive set featuring our 3D Foam Key Ring Figure of Sora and the Kingdom Hearts Sword Pewter Lapel Pin in Gold.

  •      Available at Monogram’s Booth #3645
  •      Only 500 Sets Made
  •      Features Rare Gold Kingdom Heart Key Pewter Lapel Pin
  •      Retail Price $15.00

Comic Con Exclusive #15 Gold Pin 80150 Comic Con Box Set Rendering


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