The Simpsons 14pc FIGURE BOX_V2_527

Comic Con 2015 EXCLUSIVE Item!

The Simpsons PVC Figurine Set

Monogram International proudly presents a 14 piece PVC figurine set of America’s most

loved cartoon series, The Simpsons! Own all of the animated shows beloved

characters, including Maggie, Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Apu, Chief Wiggum, Krusty the

Clown, Comic Book guy, and Montgomery Burns.

-This special edition set comes with two exclusive characters never before offered: a

Gold Bart and Gold Homer figurine.

-Made out of durable, unbreakable PVC plastic.

-Each figure stands up to 2.75” tall.

-100 Piece Limited Edition.

-Item #27770

-Retail Price: $45.00

-Booth #3645

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