Monogram International Thanos Bust Bank

I’m very excited to share with you all, our second ever look, at a vinyl, comic-related bank.  This time, the absolutely legendary Marvel villain, Thanos!  Standing give or take 8-10 inches from waist to head, Thanos displays the ever coveted Infinity Gauntlet on his left hand.  It should be noted, this particular bank is available in two styles, one being this one, the other being a more early comic related color palate of the same pose (bright blue, bright yellow as opposed to the grey blue / gold).

The Good

  • Sturdy!! Thanos weighs in at about a pound and he feels like he could take a punch or at least a sitting on.  Not likely to shatter when it hits the ground either!
  • Thanos has his arms sealed off on the inside, this means no change will get stuck down there where you can’t get it.
  • Coin slot is large enough for just about any coin you want to throw in Thanos.
  • Fine detail on the face, hands and gauntlet really show off the character as a pure display piece that also just happens to be a bank.
  • Coloring is beautiful and paint application is very clean.
  • Stopper mechanism works well, holds tight when you want it to, opens easy when you need to get your money.
  • The price point of less than $20 means that you will have plenty of cash left over to fill this bad boy!
  • Thanos is captured perfectly in this beautiful mold!

The Bad

  • Tiny coins could get stuck on the inside of Thanos’s head if you flip him upside down to open the stopper.

The rest

Monogram has put together an amazing display piece in this Thanos bank and they have a ton more to compliment, once again, this same bank is available in a different color scheme.  Monogram has also produced a PX Previews exclusive Thanos head bank that is absolutely worth checking out, not to mention an Infinity Gauntlet bank!


 Big Bad Toy Store has this for order.  Your LCS should also have a way for you to pick this beauty up!


MUReview received these products for free.

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