Minimates Zombie Villains Box Set

Marvel Zombies is arguably one of the coolest offshoots of the main Marvel Universe.  Through these books we’ve seen, and subsequently said goodbye to nearly every living member of the Marvel Universe…even, the Villains.  This epic collection from Diamond Select Toys features some of the not so dearly departed big baddies of the MU including Galactus, Green Goblin, Red Skull and Magneto.


The Good:

  • I had no problems getting off Galactus’ helmet, and underneath, a perfectly zombiefied face!
  • Folks may remember the not so far back released Galactus box set of Minimates, that was an incredibly well made, highly detailed Galactus.  This, is damn near the same, except he’s a zombie!
  • Exceptional floating stand!

The Bad:

  • No downers here…maybe, if they included a swap face we could have had a kinda regular Galactus too?



The Good:

  • Magneto’s energy blasts fit perfectly on his hands.
  • Always appreciated with a helmeted figure, the inclusion of swappable hair, and Zombie Mag’s has a bountiful crop of hair.
  • Excellent zombie damage detail included!

The Bad:

  • Nothing here, love it.


Green Goblin

The Good:

  • Green Goblin has one of the most bountiful of accessory inclusions with this set.  Pumpkin bombs, the glider, flight stand, alt head / hair…intestines?  I’m going with they should be his but I could well be wrong.
  • Excellent facial detail, you can very clearly see how he is both living and dead, on both heads!
  • The polluted cloud flight stand is…the perfect color.

The Bad:

  • Trying to get Norman to stand on the flight stand was very near to painful dental surgery.  I know most of the issue is that I’m inept, but I tried my damndest.


Red Skull

The Good:

  • The Red Skull is the most mangled of this zombie bunch with nubby / bone stumpy arms detailed enough to induce a bit of a gag reflex.
  • He comes with non grizzly arms too to make a nice two in one figure.  This Red Skull zombie can pretty easily pass for just a plain ole’ Red Skull too!
  • It is so awesome that this zombie has a gun and a holster!!

The Bad:

  • As the on screen representation fades in our memories, I’m left with a familiar lingering feeling.  I just never really cared about this character.


The Rest:

  • In this set we are delivered literally a best of  both worlds, 4 absolutely iconic villains made rotting flesh.  The only thing I want out of this set that it lacks is more villains!! (But those are coming…)


  • These folks can be found wherever fine toys are sold! Feel free to hit our favorite Big Bad Toy Store though…


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