Minimates Wave 51 – Sam Alexander Nova and Superior Spider-Man

It is often I ask myself…why have 2 weeks worth of Nova action when I can have 3?!  The answer is always…I have no idea, let’s just have 3.  Let’s also start taking a look at Minimates Wave 51.  So far as I know it, this is the first time we get a true Sam Alexander Nova in plastic form (from the comics, not the Ultimate Spider-Man TV Show) and it is certainly the first time anyone will lay hands on the Superior Spider-Man (as possessed by Doctor Otto Octavius).

Sam Alexander Nova

The Good:

  • Dear all toy makers, stop feeding me a gold domed Sam Alexander.  A huge part of his story line is that he doesn’t have a gold helmet.  Minimates, I thank you for getting this awesome.
  • This is yet another to the letter faithful recreation of the intended character here, soup to nuts.  The uniform design is spot on, the helmet is perfect.
  • Removing the helmet shows off a boyish face that is once again, perfectly replicated from the printed page.
  • The hair piece is highly detailed and fits perfectly, no struggles on or off, same with the fantastic helmet.
  • An included flight stand always makes DJ happy.

The Bad:

  • If I went anywhere in the world, and said, I need a Sam Alexander Nova in Minimates scale, and they handed me any other figure but what I have now, I’d be pretty disappointed.  This figure is pure Minimate gold.

Superior Spider-Man

The Good:

  • As usual, dead on.
  • The slant and size of the eyes perfectly convey the ‘not quite right’ look of the Superior Spider-Man.
  • Colors are brilliant and accurate.
  • Line detail is pixel perfect.

The Bad:

  • This is as good a place to air this as any.  I REALLY can’t stand the Superior Spider-Man story line.  Give me Parker or give me death!
  • I’m always a little sad when a helmet or mask don’t come off.


The Rest:

  • I am a hard core Richard Rider fan, but Sam Alexander is carving his own special place in my adoration for the Marvel Universe.  That mixed with the fact that his Minimate representation is so strong, makes this an absolute must buy set for anyone who has joyfully thumbed through the pages of Nova (Marvel NOW).


The Pictures:

MUReview received these products for free.

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