Minimates Wave 50 – Onslaught and Ghost Rider

Here I am, looking at my Minimates collection genuinely impressed by so many of these little figures.  Along comes Wave 50 though, and as the case has been for the duration of my Minimate involvement…every new figure is just head and shoulders better than the last.  Let me start the Wave 50 run of reviews with a pair of my new all time Marvel Minimate favorites, Onslaught and Ghost Rider.


The Good:

  • The detail here is incredible, the curves and lines on every molded piece captures this sinister character perfectly.
  • As usual, perfect paint application.
  • A figure with an easter egg!!  Take the chest piece off for good times (that’s what she said).
  • To take such a small thing and make it feel so large is truly an accomplishment.

The Bad:

  • I can’t transform him into the giant BAF version?

Ghost Rider

The Good:

  • The tricks that we get here with the translucent application of ghost flame are second to none.
  • He looks mean, like he could go toe to toe with his pack in mate and not even break a sweat.
  • The armor, the shoulder flames, even a good look when the armor is off!

The Bad:

  • I’m not being partial, these figures are just that awesome.  Ok, let me think…they could have included a full kit to change him into human form?  That’s just being greedy…


The Rest:

  • This is the first in a long string of reviews set up for Minimate Mondays all over again.  Wave 50 and 51 bring a ton of gems, no fluff and just more consistently great comic accurate representations of fan favorites..buckle up.


  • If you can’t find them today at your LCS or at our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store, you will be able to find them soon.

The Pictures:

MUReview received these products for free.

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