Minimates Wave 50 – Cyborg Spider-Man and Songbird

Continuing along our Wave 50 Minimates journey, we roll an 8, and encounter the pair of Cyborg Spider-Man and Songbird, let’s check out what’s cool and what’s not cool about this duo.

Cyborg Spider-Man

The Good:

  • Exceptionally authentic damage detail.
  • As always, I would say that this version of Spider-Man has a …plethora of removable and changeable parts, easily taking him from a banged up cyborg with robotic arm and eye, to a …banged up Spider-Man…with a bandage on one leg.
  • I’m not a big Spider-Man fan, I’ll read him and enjoy, but he’s not really on my top 20 radar, I’ve meant to grab him as a Minimate, but I’m glad I waited for the new waves because between Cyborg and Superior, I’ve got two of my favorite versions.

The Bad:

  • It’s possible that you can do this, but not obvious and I hate pulling things till i feel like they can break, but I’d like to be able to take off the leg bandage.  NOTE – Confirmed with Diamond Select Toys, the bandage can be removed.


The Good:

  • Incredible coloring, comic accurate detail.
  • Flight stand is always appreciated and always amazing.
  • Reminiscent of the Phoenix Minimate.

The Bad:

  • I don’t have much love for Songbird, but as always the Minimate form does the character incredible plastic justice.


The Rest:

  • Come for the Spidey, stay for the Songbird.


  • You can find this set at your local comic shop or BigBadToyStore now…or…soon.

The Comic:

The Pictures:

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