Minimates Wave 50 – Baron Zemo I and Nova Centurion

It’s tough to approach this post in an unbiased nature.  Then again, i guess i don’t approach any post in that way.  Bottom line, this 2-pack has a Nova Centurion in it…that I can configure in 10 different ways.  By this fact alone this set is better than any other set ever in the universe ever.  As is next weeks Minimates look…which causes some sort of paradox I’m sure.

Baron Zemo I 

The Good:

  • Zemo is tricked out in fur to represent his earlier age comic stylings
  • Has gun, has holster, WIN!
  • The mask comes off revealing the face of evil.
  • Excellent body and line detail.

The Bad:

  • While I am generally over flowing with praise for the attention to detail that the Minimates line brings, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the lack of leopard printing on the Zemo fur.

Nova Centurion

The Good:

  • How many ways can this guy be configured?  Let’s count the ways:
    • Default – white head, Nova helmet.
    • Blue head, Nova Helmet.
    • Blue head, mohawk.
    • White head, mowhawk.
    • White head, brown hair.
    • Blue head, brown hair.
    • White head, black hair.
    • Blue head, black hair.
    • Blue head bald.
    • White head bald.
  • One box, 10 different figures, that doesn’t include Zemo…wait, what if we put the Zemo cowl on Nova, ELEVEN! Ok…now I’m being ridiculous.
  • Outstanding, authentic representation that is accurately colored and designed of a much over looked army builder opportunity in so many other toy lines.

The Bad:

  • There is nowhere that I can go to pick up 9 more Nova figures so that I can represent all of the variations at the same time on the same shelf…for free.


The Rest:

  • If you don’t go buy this set, a Nova Centurion will die…


The Pictures:

MUReview received these products for free.

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