Minimates Wave 39 Destroyer

Originally packed with Thor in both a Toys R Us Thor Movie wave, and the Wave 39 release, the Destroyer wound up on my hit list not because of any Thor based association.  This beastly creature of Asgard was a Herald of Galactus and those that know me, know that that is enough to get on my plastic wish list.


The Good:

  • Exceptionally solid build on this figure.
  • While solid, Destroyer is exceptionally pose-able and thanks to his good weight he stands on his own very well.
  • The paint application on this figure is needle point fine and outstanding, head to toe, side to side.
  • Let’s talk more about the paint, look at the detail on the arms.  This is really commendable work on a figure that so many other producers of plastic crack miss the mark on.
  • Excellent molding on the head shape!

The Bad:

  • I got nothin’.  Ok, maybe just that I couldn’t pick this up for a nice light MSRP, and instead had to go the eBay route.

The Rest:

  • If you love Thor and his universe, get the Destroyer.  If you love Galactus and his Heralds, get this.  If you love great figures…get this.


  • Thor’s first movie is a getting long in the tooth so coming by this set will be relegated to toy stores that stock older stuff and eBay.  If you can find it though it’s a totally worthwhile pickup.  You can also look at the brighter side, Thor 2 is coming…maybe the Destroyer gets a new fig.

The Pictures:

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