Minimates Wave 36 Silver Centurion

Tony Stark and I go way back.  He’s had his ups and his downs and I’ve been there with him along the way.  One of his more interesting times were the 80’s and one of my favorite armors, the Silver Centurion.  Originally packaged with the Crimson Dynamo, I had a hard time finding them in box so I settled once again for open.  I’m just happy to have my favorite Stark though.

The Good:

  • Outstanding chest / shoulder piece moulding.
  • Brilliant silver and red coloring with a great sparkly glint.
  • Love that not only was a hair accessory included, but also bare hands.  That’s excellent dio thinking by Art Asylum.

The Bad:

  • He wasn’t free.

The Rest:

  • This is one of two Silver Centurions available in the Minimates toy line.   This little guy won my heart because of the additional molding and articulation though.  If you can find him, snag him.


  • This figure is more than 2 years old.  Outside of an online toy retailer that has some lucky stock, eBay will be your only friend here.

The Pictures:

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