Minimates Wave 31 (Toys R Us Wave 5) Black Bolt and Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel died, and that sucked.  Black Bolt is still alive and he is involved in some of the biggest messes in the Marvel Universe (Illuminati, War of Kings, etc…).  Somehow these two ended up in the same box, and I can’t be happier that it’s full of win and showed up at my door.

Black Bolt

The Good:

  • Black Bolt is captured perfectly.
  • Sharp line detail.
  • Molded under-arm ‘wings’ work just right.
  • The hands and cuffs are well executed.

The Bad:

  • You want me to say something bad here, don’t you?  Seriously, this is Black Bolt and this is a fantastic figure that will stand long in my collection.

Captain Marvel

The Good:

  • Shadowing and detail in the paint app here is outstanding.
  • While the paint is awesome, the bracers aren’t painted on, that’s fantastic.

The Bad:

  • He’s dead, and hasn’t ever really made a true comeback…and now we have Carol Danvers.  Ms. Marvel is awesome.  Stay Ms. Marvel please…I digress, this has nothing to do with Minimates.


The Rest:

  • Two exceptionally iconic Marvel characters done very well in the 2 inch format here.   If you own them already you enjoy them.  If you don’t it’s going to be…fun, to find them.


  • Yeah, I’m filling in back catalog here, telling you it’s awesome and saying good luck finding it, yet again.

The Pictures:

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