Minimates Wave 23 Nova and Gamora

We here at feel that the start of 2013 has been phenomenal for us.  I just made a deal that will keep the Empire out of here forever (renewed hosting indefinitely).  We got closer with old friends, we made new friends and we are on track to make our second and third years crazy awesome.  We are also expanding, not from our original vision, but from what we’ve brought you so far.  That starts today.

Let’s have a look at the Minimates Wave 23 Nova and Gamora.  …Now wait, I know what you are thinking…Wave 23? What about 1-23…plus exclusives, promos, and everything else up through what is actually out now (Wave 49 with 50, 51 coming soon).  Well, it’s Nova.  We don’t wait or sleep on anything Nova around here.  Of all the things going on in the Marvel Universe, I consider Nova Prime to be very much my homeboy, so if I can give him first crack at something…we are cool like that.


The Good:

  • It’s Nova Prime!!
  • Swappable hair / helmet works well and fits solidly.
  • The hair piece has ears…that’s pretty neat.
  • Art and articulation here are excellent, raised features, fine detail points, shoulder guards, forearm guards.  Nova looks excellent here.
  • The helmet!  DST did an excellent job of putting the burst on the helmet in such a way that it looks great, but will never fall off.

The Bad:

  • I’m always hoping for more, and in this case, that more would have been the knee guards.  It would have been awesome to see them articulated rather than painted on (to match the forearm guards).
  • Having the hair is nice but ultimately it’s something I’ll need to keep track of.  My OCD would have preferred painted on hair I think.


The Good:

  • Gamora is a crazy overlooked character in the Marvel Universe.  “Daughter” of Thanos, you’d think she’d get more love than she has which to this point is pretty much none in recent years.  The very existence of this figure is a win in my book.
  • The cape and the hair fit together perfectly!
  • The sword fits nicely in Gamora’s hands.

The Bad:

  • All I am saying is that nova had raised bumps on his chest…so….?


The Rest:

  • I started my Minimates collection here.  That should tell you something.  At some point I looked at this line as a good way to fill in character holes.  I was gravely mistaken.  The articulation here is exceptional for this scale, the art is staggering and on top of it all I get two of my long time Marvel faves.  Pick em up if you can find em!


  • This will be slightly challenging and slightly more expensive than an off the shelf find.  At this point Nova and Gamora have been out for a little while (a few years), along with the rest of Wave 23, Cloak, Dagger, War Machines, and Spymaster.  You can find them on eBay.  They are otherwise sold out at our favorite online toy spot, and they are naught to be had at Happy Hunting!

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