Minimates Wave 7 Lockjaw

I believe I may have mentioned my love for the Marvel Cosmic characters.  Lockjaw is the second most awesome dog in the Marvel stratosphere (will someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Make me a Cosmo!).  I’ve only seen one other Lockjaw in professionally minted plastic form and he’s a HeroClix, so there isn’t really any articulation there.  Awesomely, not the case here.


The Good:

  • I know we are talking Minimates here , but he stands perfectly amongst the Inhumans Royal family assembled in Marvel Universe scale.  He’ll make an outstanding diorama piece for me, and many, many other collectors have already approached me about my HeroClix Lockjaw.  This is hands down better than any alternative and a must for any Cosmic collector.
  • I’m having a hard time today, I took a lot of pictures and looked at a lot of Minimates, but this one really stands out in a see of already awesome.  Articulation is exceptional here.  How the heck did they take the standard Minimate component format and make it a freakin’ dog?!?!
  • The face is captured in utterly perfect fashion.

The Bad:

  • Lockjaw is an awesome dog, his Minimate version is brilliant.  There is a downside though…my son figured out how to take his head off…so now I have to keep him out of his reach.

The Rest:

  • If you collect Minimates, or if you collect in Marvel Universe scale, you need to pick up Lockjaw.  Unfortunately….


  • Lockjaw is no spring chicken, he’s been out for some time and he’s not easy to come by, nor is he cheap to come by.  However, if you can get your mitts on him do it and fast, he’s a perfect fit for any collection and just a fun figure to play with.

The Pictures:

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