Minimates Toys R Us Wave 18 Herald Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is one of the most awesome characters in the Marvel Universe.  He’s in my top two Heralds and one of my top most favoritest characters period.  I own him in so many forms of plastic it has become impossible to count.  The Minimates toy line itself has two representations of the Surfer, Herald and Cosmic.  Now, they both look great, but  in the end I went with the Herald because I was really impressed by the accessories.

Silver Surfer

The Good:

  • The accessories.  The purple energy blasts, awesome, the raised stand, awesome, and the energy trail behind the board …awesome!
  • This is the more angry of the two looking Surfers…anger is good.
  • Sharp line detail, nice sparkly paint coat.

The Bad:

  • I didn’t get both Surfers.  Just the one, shoulda got both.
  • Now that I’m looking at pictures of the Cosmic Surfer I think I definitely like that figure better…that figure, these accessories, WANT!

The Rest:

  • Shoulda got both.


  • Go get him, he’s available at Toys R Us now and comes with The Thing.

The Pictures:

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