Minimates Toys R Us Wave 18 Annihilus

Annihilus is one of my favorite villains ever.  For me he’s right up there with Thanos and Galactus.  He confuses me.  I’m only vaguely clear as to why he is still alive (I read a lot of comics while I’m half asleep).  Speaking of alive, Annilhilus is part of one of my favorite moments in all of comics…when Nova rips his inside outs through his mouth.  And on that note….

The Good:

  • Minimates nails another exceptionally faithful recreation of a character in 2 inch scale.
  • The wings sit perfectly in Annihilus’ back.
  • The shoulder armor is highly detailed and looks outstanding.

The Bad:

  • It makes sense that he’s packaged with the Human Torch.  I just want more Nova’s…that’s what I want, always.

The Rest:

  • Seriously…how did that happen, did I miss the comic where Annihilus went from guts ripped out from throat to just fine but also the Human Torch’s pet….No, I read the pet comic, but before that…ah, thanks Wikipedia.  Annihilus was re-born with all of his original memories.  Right….still, glad to have him in mini-plastic.


  • Out now, in stock at most Toys R US stores.

The Comic

The Pictures:


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