Minimates Toys R Us Wave 15 Juggernaut As Kuurth & Hulk as Nul

One of Marvel’s more recent over-arching story lines (just before A versus X), Fear Itself took many of the universe’s favorite characters and temporarily (at least) re-invented them.  Art Asylum and Diamond Select do not disappoint in delivering these Marvel re-imaginations in glorious 2 inch scale plastic.    You can check out our reviews of the Minimates The Worthy, and The Mighty box sets, here though, we are going to have a look at Hulk as Nul and Juggernaut as Kuurth.

Hulk as Nul

The Good:

  • Nul’s darker Hulk green, nailed it.
  • Armor molding as has been consistent through the Minimates Toy line, is great!
  • Every line is pinpoint accurate, the yellows pop and glow.
  • This is one of the meanest looking two inch figures I’ve ever seen.
  • There are just so many fine painted points of detail here.

The Bad:

  • I found this to be present in most of the larger footed figures,  the feet tend to pop off a little easily.
  • Nul’s weapon was a little tough to get into his hand.

Juggernaut as Kuurth

The Good:

  • Not captured in a picture and I apologize, but the head with the helmet removed is all black except the mouth…and that is epic.
  • The helmet comes off!
  • It’s exceptional how flat paint can emulate glow so well.
  • I buy that Kuurth is totally unstoppable and again that says a lot in 2 inches of plastic.  I wouldn’t mess with him…this is all I’m trying to say really.

The Bad:

  • Loose feet, otherwise, big fan.


The Rest:

  • These are two big, beefy …Minimates.  Both look outstanding and if you enjoyed the Fear Itself story arc, these are absolute must have Minimates.  These two will look outstanding to your Worthy and Mighty boxes!  Also of note, every other figure in this wave is awesome.  Annihilus, Surfer, Air Walker, Firelord, Thing and Human Torch.


  • I bought mine 3 days ago, you can find em’ at a Toys R Us near you.

The Comic:

The Pictures:

MUReview received these products for free.

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